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5 Points for Attention in curtain rod installation

by:Pacific     2020-02-24
Although the installation of curtain rods is a trivial matter, the perfect home improvement is formed by the accumulation of countless such small things. In order to ensure the installation effect, don't forget the following items when installing the curtain rods. The following small series will share with you the precautions for installing the 5-point curtain rods: First, look at the walls to adopt different connection methods, if the wall is made of wood, just put the screws of the installation track directly on the determined position of the board. If the wall is cement, then you need to use an electric drill to punch the hole in the determined position, then knock the special nylon expansion tube in, and then screw the screw into the special nylon expansion tube to tighten. Second, the curtain hook installation precautions, if the curtain hook is used to fix the curtain, you can use the different installation methods of the hook to form different curtain pleats. However, it should be noted that the distance between the curtain hooks is as uniform as possible, and the calculation is good first; It is found that the rusty hook is replaced immediately, otherwise the curtain fabric is contaminated. In actual use, you can adjust the number of pins inserted into the slot, or 3, or 4, you can adjust the number of lanyard slots between each two hooks, thereby adjusting the effective width of the curtain. Third, make sure that the installation is firm, do not install it, it will not fall soon, this is not good, so, when installing, pay attention to the Bracket matching the pole, if the bracket is too small, perhaps the bracket is easy to damage. On the other hand, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall will be small, and the number of nuts or the size of the nuts will be limited, which will easily make the installed curtain rod unstable. Four, to ensure that the specification and horizontal curtain rod length should be greater than the width of the window cover, to avoid light leakage, curtain rod installation should be horizontal, if necessary, use the ruler to monitor the curtain rod installation flat. Five, curtain rod installation timing, it is best to choose to install curtain rods after the new house has been abandoned or before the last cleaning, too early to install curtain rods will fall on a thick dust, it's too late to clean and white. At the same time, the Roman rod is best equipped with curtains, and the curtain rails and rods can be installed in advance. It is best to consider what kind of track to install when decorating. These are the five points for attention in the installation of curtain rods, hoping to help everyone.
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