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About the size of the curtain

by:Pacific     2020-07-02
Put the curtain, seems like a simple matter, but also has knowledge hidden deep inside! Color, material, pervious to light, style design. 。 。 Not to mention, a series of problem, the length of the design I will say it today, the curtain should use how long? The length of the curtain, there are three problems: one is the curtain height from the ground, the second is the length of the left and right sides of the curtain, three is the length of the curtains and curtain rod proportion. Underneath, small make up to talk about these problems, respectively, for all of us! The dimension of the curtain, curtain height from the ground 1 curtain from the height of the ground, this if the line that play a base is installed, personal advice curtain design sister 1 - higher than the line that play a base 2 cm this will let the curtains and the anchor line and ground appears more have administrative levels feeling; If it is not of the line that play a base, from the ground 1 - at the bottom of the curtain is recommended 2 cm distance, of course, your house is neat and clean, also can sweep the floor, if too dirty don't sweep the floor, otherwise the curtain into mop! 2, on both sides of the length of the left and right side in order to avoid the window curtain light-leaking, usually around the curtain side than window 5 cm long, so as to maximize the chance that the Windows closed. The diagram below, left here because the curtain is longer than the Windows, so they don't light-leaking, and on the right side, because by don't do> window curtain wall, so leaving a light, this for obsessive-compulsive disorder, estimation is not acceptable. 3, curtains and curtain curtain rod length ratio and the proportion of curtain rod, suggested the curtain is about 2 times of curtain rod, because the curtains are generally after bending, if the window of the curtain rod alone is not enough, will not cause when the curtain of the natural, or can not fully cover the window. 4, in the end, under special circumstances: (1) wave window, bay window curtain, if a window, suggest directly to the windowsill, on both sides of the word as dense as possible; (2) the French window, if the window is be born glazing, suggested the curtain mop the floor, or you'll light-leaking; (3) with blinds, this kind of words, usually in guarantee the shading effect as the prerequisite.
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