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Accessories for curtain tracks

by:Pacific     2020-02-17
In our daily life, every family needs to hang curtains. The function of the curtain is not only the decorative effect, but also helps us to block the sun, which is very practical. But what kind of track accessories do we need when installing home decoration curtains? Let's take a look at the small series about the wholesale of curtain track accessories. First, the curtain track accessories wholesale hook is mainly used to connect the curtain to the track. Its material types are also very diverse, but now it is usually based on resin hooks. This kind of hook is more decorative and will not rust, so that the metal hook is easy to rust on the curtain. Second, curtain track accessories wholesale curtain track is the most important and important part of all accessories. Hanging curtains mainly depends on it. There are many types of tracks, such as wooden tracks, aluminum alloy tracks and plastic steel tracks. Price and performance are different, depending on our actual needs. Third, the curtain track accessories wholesale curtain rod now has another relatively fashionable curtain installation method. This method does not use a guide rail, but uses a curtain rod on the curtain. In fact, it also plays an important role in the track. Curtain rods are mainly made of metal and wood. The two materials, used in conjunction with the curtain style, are very decorative. Measurement of curtain track, if you want to measure the quantity of fabric to make your own curtains, you can make some further improvements: add an additional 6cm SCM for each curtain, meet with comfortable overlapping curtains in the center. You want the outer edges of the curtains to return from the poles/tracks to the walls on each side. This provides a neat finish to avoid light overflow. In this case, the distance from the eyes of the ring/glider to the walls on both sides is measured and the odd numbers of these dimensions are compared with the width. On a curtain, record the size of the curtain and whether the curtain is on the right or left. Note: If you plan to return to the wall, the top of the curtain must be lower than the bottom of the pole, which blocks the way. The top of the curtains we collected is fixed above the hook position 3. Height of 5 cm. From the eye measurement of the ring/glider to the bottom edge position you need, this is the hook drop. What is strange now is this 3. 5cm (1 3/8). This gives you the length of completion. For all other titles, first, decide the height you want, top or curtain completion. For the curtain track, we recommend aligning the top, the curtain and the top of the track, the curtain can be with the top, the bottom of the pole, from the desired curtain top position to the bottom hem position you need, this is the length you completed. No fixed pole or dress yet? It is recommended that you put a pole/dress of the Roman Rod curtain track in the appropriate position to measure, but if not, first of all, you need to understand the concept of a Roman Rod curtain track, for the track you want to use, the measurement process follows the same principle as steps 1 and 2 above. In order to do this more easily, you may find it helpful to check your upper hem position with pencil marks.
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