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Aluminium alloy curtain rod correct choose and buy from five aspects

by:Pacific     2020-05-22
The average consumer, brand guide when the choose and buy a certain product, tend to choose more famous brand. Famous brand quality and service are guaranteed. Second, the style guide the curtain is the eye of the room, contemporary household life, more and more families choose stem, which you can see the color of the bar and decorative head of the orbit, it is now the trend of 'light is repaired, heavy adornment'. When selecting a curtain rod, combined with the color of the window, It is best to window curtain rod and colour) , the household design style and tone, the pursuit of the harmonious aesthetic feeling. Three, ram the wall thickness of aluminium alloy curtain rod on the market is more, its hardness is not high, can greatly bending, basically see rod when choose wall thickness ( The thickness of the shaft wall is best in 1. 0mm - 1. 3 mm) 。 Four, see on the surface of the surface treatment, surface treatment well rod is smooth, metallic simple sense, can match with the curtain of a variety of color is better. Five, the TAB and then to look at the design of the TAB, mainly USES the recycled plastic TAB on the market at present, manufacturing process rough, recycled plastic aging rupture, don't wear resistance. Although many of the aluminium alloy rod with a quieter article, but the silencing of the material is plastic, it will not be long, it is important to note that when choose this; Aluminum alloy curtain rod rod is introduced how to choose the above five methods, in addition to this, can add the slot, pay attention to whether or not curtain rod without slot of the aluminium alloy curtain rod, when pulling the curtain, TAB and contact friction between orbit can increase the noise.
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