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Aluminum alloy curtain rod and the material of choose and buy

by:Pacific     2020-04-08
Install the curtain, curtain rod is little not, curtain rod when the choose and buy must consider to decorate a style, best can with household color photograph collocation, so as to embody the whole style of coordination and warm effect. Below small make up to introduce the aluminium alloy curtain rod to choose and curtain rod material. Aluminium alloy curtain rod 1, brand orientation, the choose and buy some consumers when aluminium alloy curtain rod of choose and buy, more will consider the brand, because we all know that good brand, quality and service are guaranteed. 2, style is tonal orientation in aluminium alloy curtain rod can choose according to decorate a style to choose and buy, had better be the curtains and curtain rod and decorate a style to match, this effect can be better reflected. 3, choose wall thickness choice is we can see the thickness of the aluminium alloy curtain rod, general thickness in 1. 1mm - 1. 4 mm around 5, to see whether the surface is smooth surface, ever be scratches, simple sense is good, etc. 5, the making craft of see TAB TAB is rough, whether it is recycled plastic, if it is recycled plastic is easy to aging. Curtain rod material 1, aluminum alloy curtain rod aluminum curtain rod is a kind of common material, its quality is light, flexible, and aluminum alloy curtain rod is cheaper price, price is good too. 2, real wood curtain rod solid wood curtain rod is fit for the family in Chinese style decorates a style, it has limitations, environment demand is high, it is easy to damage if too dry or too wet. 3, wrought iron curtain rod, wrought iron curtain rod with less, but its style, decorative pattern is diversiform, can meet a lot of decorate a style, but attention should be paid to avoid friction, easy to take off the lacquer.
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