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Are curtain rod products expensive?

Are curtain rod products expensive?


When the house decorates good time, we can undertake the choose and buy of the curtain, among them nature cannot leave curtain rod, the curtain rod product on market is more and more, material also is ceaseless bring forth new, that curtain rod price is expensive not expensive? Follow me to learn more about curtain rod.

Curtain rod is not expensive

Aluminium alloy curtain rod, the curtain rod of this kind of material at present, belong to the curtain rod that sees more commonly on the market, basically because aluminium alloy has not rusted, not with deformation, the characteristic with lighter quality of a material, suit the heavy curtain more, so a lot of families can choose aluminium alloy curtain rod. At present the price of a common curtain rod on the market is 50 -- 70 yuan or so, if the curtain rod does not have too much modelling, the price is lower still.

Real wood curtain rod, the curtain rod of this kind of material basically is the curtain photograph collocation with rural style, go to build a kind of honest, elegant country breath thereby. Additional when choosing solid wood curtain rod, must ask clear is what solid wood. Probably because of the difference of material of real wood material, the price can differ a few dozen yuan, the price of a real wood curtain rod of material of average material is in 80 yuan or so.

At present the curtain rod on the market is qualitative according to different material, probably every metre price is in 1,20 yuan to 300 multivariate between, the curtain rod breed on market today, style changes quickly. The price of general ordinary curtain rod also is in 10 to 100 yuan to differ. The price of a set of curtain rods is generally about 300 yuan. The average curtain rod is 30 to 40 yuan a meter.

curtain rod

Two kinds of curtain rods

How much is the curtain rod commonly? Want to see him to like which kind next. If divided by type, curtain rod can be divided into open rod and dark rod. As the name suggests, a rising pole is visible from the outside. The dark bars are hidden. Today, the more popular is the rising pole, because its delicate decorative head and color can also play a icing on the cake effect.

Curtain rod price - valuation method

1. Make a wall is to measure the width of the whole wall (one side buckle 1 cm), even the size of the head, according to the meter.

2. Make Windows, the curtain rod (including the head) should be 50-80 cm wider than the window (25-40 cm on one side), even the size of the head, according to the meter price. The curtains are stacked in such a way as not to block the window.

3. General track measurement (including bending track) is installed where the measurement to where it is ok, long can be cut off short can not be connected.

About the price of curtain rod is not expensive and curtain rod how the relevant information is introduced here, I hope this article is helpful to you. If you still have what do not understand place can give small make up the message, we will answer for you as soon as possible.