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Bay window curtain

by:Pacific     2020-07-21
What is bay window in some building design, Windows have a bay window design, jut out outside the wall, make the daylighting of the room better. Bay window can be designed as floating window design, can be designed into French window, etc. Bay window curtain design is also different with general curtain. Bay window curtain rod had better choose sunshade, dustproof heat preservation and have cut off the noise of the curtain. How with good-looking bay window curtain, 1) White gauze shade to contact a little more sunshine, then you can choose a white gauze shade, pervious to light quality, light and chic, when the wind blows, dance gauze shade, there is a time still feel good. ( 2) Yellow curtain children house bay window curtain can choose yellow pattern curtain, yellow sweet and comfortable, in the sunshine in that moment, the whole space such as the feeling of sunshine, let a person calm, also can cultivate their good personality. ( 3) + green shade a layer of white gauze shade, a layer of the design of the curtain is common bay window decoration design scheme, white with green is very small and pure and fresh, and the overall style is build, and children room for the children's fairy tale forest kingdom. Convex cabinet installed below the window, and desk joining together, bring the large capacity to receive. ( 4) Roman shade Roman shade is very have administrative levels feeling, shading sex is strong, can be installed separately, you can freely adjust the bedroom atmosphere, and sometimes warm and sometimes nostalgia, alternately retro and modern. ( 5) Blue one word bay window curtain installation blue curtain, quiet and beautiful. White couch couch rice soft package pad printing color is put on platform, several colorful pillows naturally put on both sides, position is left between sit enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window.
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