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Beauty salon curtain popular colors and styles

by:Pacific     2020-05-25
1, pink in the beauty salon places, pink curtain is the most common color, pink represents is downy with warmth, usually in the beauty often use, general for the outer for yarn, inner lining for cloth. But note that the pink should match with green indoor scene, it will feel tacky. 2, yellow maize series also often can use in beauty salon, and it is one of the better collocation of colour. The classification of the lot but yellow, yellow in the beauty salon curtain rod accessories is usually pale yellow, beige, match method is also in the form of yarn and cloth, hairdressing room, the hall area can use yellow series such as curtains. 3, purple purple can be said to be synonymous with romance and warmth, the subject of preserve one's health and beauty place the color purple is a very good mining application method is adopted, the curtain is decorated in the beauty salon generally used in the area is larger, so the appropriate use of purple curtain rod accessories can make the scene more romance and warmth, purple at the same time also can improve the level of the whole beauty salon decoration. Beauty salon curtain style 1, luxury style if you familiar with the environment, beauty salon will be found, now most of the beauty salon decorate a style to tend towards European style. Because of this style of ornate, noble, the biggest characteristic is like a thirtysomething woman, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. The curtain of Europe type style, as a western import from, could also reflect showily temperament, of course, is not just a fleeting gorgeous, design beautiful curtain, a variety of forms, elegance, composed, atmosphere, very beautiful. 2, printing and dyeing and yarn dyed, rural style pattern or article, the casual, harmonious collocation. Delicate lace, refined tassel, don't need too much multifarious adornment, natural simplicity, rural wind of take in everything in a glance. Three classical style, classical style, is not the antique, similar to the Chinese but medieval buckish gorgeous style. If you've been to a similar style of beauty salon, will see, the curtain of them really gold, and deserve to act the role of rich and colorful. Make public of classicism, use more is secretly fan or Roman shade, with beautiful window curtain rod. On the curtain with a rich color of flowers, it can highlight richly tonal style.
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