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Buy Rome pole should pay attention to what

by:Pacific     2020-07-05
1, the curtain rod thickness, production manufacturers to cut corners tend to tamper with the thinner wall thickness material rod bearing force the use routine the more likely it is accidental decoration (now Commonly known as flower) See the essence through phenomenon and speak more thick more down the 2, curtain rod material choose solid durable products, plastic products are easy to change color, rupture equations color choices; Wood products easy to moth, torn between suspension more massiness curtain cloth easily bend and astringent heavy adornment effect more high-end curtains; Aluminum alloy products color easy to rubber bearing performance between single aluminum alloy sheath rubbing belong to the poor economic and practical type; Iron spray paint products easy off paint iron plating surface treatment of guanghua and bearing abrasion resistance 3, curtain rod rod support selected important note you pick pole collocation stents and speak by contact with the wall to hang the stability of gong wire to short really suitable for living force its installation work experience skilled degree of the key wait erector figure responsible for quick convenient caocao wall to keep hidden dangers in 4, according to the shape window choose appropriate window curtain rod shape to the glyph, L type, U type three glyph window full range wall all choose the Roman curtain rod or roller guide rail; Window of hanging curtain to choose Rome pole is more L window: select the Roman short rod Rome pole ( Each link) Or choose to bend the body guide U like window choose bending roller guide more beautiful window window especially close flower board to choose guide right at the top
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