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Buying skills for curtain tracks

by:Pacific     2020-02-16
1: We use the curtain track every day, so we have to use the track, everyone is mainly concerned about its quality. Curtain Track is an important indicator to measure the quality of the track. When the load is large, the high-quality curtain track can maintain a stable pull-up speed. If you can feel the obvious feeling during the pull-up process, it proves that the quality of this kind of curtain track is not good. 2: Safety is a must, because accidental falling off may cause accidental danger, so everyone must be safe. According to the tests of relevant departments, only curtain tracks are affected, tensile strength, oxygen index and high-quality products. Therefore, when purchasing, you must look for all kinds of information, certificates and other complete products. 3: Check whether the curtain track is installed, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble. It can be judged by switching the sound size of the window. Usually, when the window is closed, the high-quality curtain track sounds light. If the sound is very loud, friction and sound noise prove that the quality of the curtain track is poor and the service life is very short. The general price of the curtain track, the curtain is a relatively private item used by everyone, there are many kinds of curtains, we will buy according to their own needs, many people will not notice how much the curtain track is. I don't know how to buy, which curtain track is suitable for everyone to buy value for money? What kind of reasonable installation is needed to make everyone install better. First of all, what is the price of the curtain track? 1. Curtains are no stranger to us, so everyone should know the importance of the track. 2. The track is the main load-bearing tool for our curtains, so it is very important. 3. There are many types of curtain rails, which are generally divided into bright and dark rails. These two qualities are also different. There is also a big gap in price, so everyone should choose carefully. Bright bars are divided into various styles and materials, ranging from 15 yuan per meter to 100 yuan per meter. It depends on the shape and function of the window and the function of the room to decide which style to buy and which price is better.
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