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Children room curtain to choose to pay attention to?

by:Pacific     2020-05-20
Children room curtain selection considerations for different thickness of 1, the thickness of the curtain curtain, its function is different also. Thin curtain, can shoot the baptism of strong sunlight into a slender and soft light, both to block the sun, and keep the indoor bright, bright and clean; And heavy flower crepe and velvet curtain effect is better in terms of prevent noise interference. Of children room had better choose double curtain rod curtain, sunshine too enough during the day, with a thin curtain shade, to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight and can keep the room there is a certain light; In the night, with thick curtain, can cut off the noise, give the child a quiet sleep environment. The other heavy curtain and heat preservation function, children easily to the cold, especially the baby, with thick curtain rod can maintain indoor temperature to a certain extent, give the child a warm and comfortable environment. 2, the design of children room curtain curtain rod design, should start from the hearts of children, children prefer, such as Mickey Mouse, winnie the pooh, pleasant goat and other cartoon design, these can let the child have a friendly feeling, also can choose the pattern of the stars and the moon, these can let the child can quiet mood, easy to fall asleep. 3, curtain size curtain size according to the size of the children's room is the window to decide, the up and down or so more commonly a piece to just good, especially the part below, neither hang down to the ground, also cannot too short, otherwise very not harmonious. If I am not sure, can make the curtain of professional businessman to measure and install. Solid 4, curtain curtain strong degrees mainly children reach curtain, often pull a curtain, when children play strong after a long time not easy to pull the curtain is broken. So be sure to select a sturdy, when buy can yanking a drag, to see if the fabric will show the gap of big, if the gap cannot be bought.
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