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Chinese style style curtain how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-07-15
of Chinese style style is a delegate with palace architecture, Chinese classical architecture style of interior decoration, design art, grand, magnificent showily, high space, large depth, dao, glittering, modelling is exquisite symmetry, pay attention to color contrast adornment material is given priority to with lumber, design more dragon, phoenix, tortoise, lion, finely crafted, beauty kit kat. But the manufacture of Chinese style style curtain price is higher, and the lack of modern breath, can only be used in household ornament. Chinese style style is the choice of the curtain 1, the material of the curtain material mainly cotton fabric, yarn, blended, for the overall texture of Chinese style style curtain, quality not too bad on the choice of the curtain rod, the best choice of high-grade some materials such as cotton, yarn. 2, color of Chinese style style curtain is composed, so in order not to destroy whole household style, pay special attention on the color selection, the best is plain is given priority to, with the color of quietly elegant black, can have very good foil effect. 3, design, Chinese style style curtain design can choose according to individual be fond of, but don't choose too strange patterns, finally the pattern such as painting of flowers and bamboo curtains not only entertaining, have very good ornament effect on whole household. 4, practical choice of Chinese style style curtain should pay attention to is practical, choose the single-layer curtain pervious to light, in the evening, indoor light, like the shadow play from the outside came in; And double curtain rod in addition to a layer of gauze curtains and a complete layer window curtain, both can cooperate to use more protection of privacy. Chinese style adornment collocation of the curtain skill use double layer fabrics collocation can better adjust the light, to adapt to the temperature change of season. Double cloth curtain, the outside layer of the fabric texture is thicker, the inside have a layer of fabrics of silks and satins, shading sex is stronger; To highlight the elegant feeling of the curtain, adds a layer of gauze, gauze shade is relatively soft, the light is enough, can use this layer of gauze curtain alone. Can make the room feel sense of luxury, expensive fabric but we don't need to spend a lot of money to the pursuit of gorgeous, as long as the notice with the display inside the room the grade of the match. In addition, the quality of a material of cloth to indoor decorate the style and atmosphere has important influence, such as fully thin materials to make people feel cool, heavy material, make the bedroom produces the warm feeling. This, on the other hand, the choice tracery fabrics still should consider seasonal factor, summertime curtain appropriate USES material gentleness or silk yarn, breathe freely cool; Winter is to meet the needs of the eye of the window. And the two curtain is to consider these factors, fabric have done a good job. Two curtains are each have distinguishing feature each style, but as part of the interior decoration, curtain must pay attention to in harmony with the other indoor display, especially pay attention to and bedspreads, carpets, sofa cover larger area, such as the coordinated relationship between fabric items, best can arrange something in common in color or design, make its produce internal harmony, enhance the overall sense of indoor. Chinese style space collocation of the curtain skill if a bedroom for the Windows and anacreontic, a window for the curtain and vivid. How to choose to his personality, and the curtain of overall indoor decorate color photograph harmonious, is prior to soft adornment will consider every owner. Cold in the winter, in the room feeling from out of the window in the warm sun, read a book 'travel around the world, make the mind lead to the Atlantic ocean. Brought by a warm fireplace inside the sitting room temperature, moderate drive away the cold winter. In the evening, members of the glowing orange light dome light, indoor will change cold feeling, full of sweet leisurely and appeal.
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