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Choose the bedroom curtains

by:Pacific     2020-06-30
The bedroom curtains can according to different users, to choose the right shade. Such as the curtains of old person room should consider the effect of noise and light, because the old man's sleep quality is not very good, cotton and linen or suede, such as the quality of a material is more thick curtains, acoustic and light effect is better also, convenient and clean and do. Young people bedroom can choose pure and fresh and natural, or full of advanced sense ( Such as: advanced grey) The curtain of varieties. Contracted style and Japanese style close, is quite popular among young people in recent years. It in to make people get visual and psychological comfort at the same time, and highlights the unique life taste. Contracted, but do not break connotation. In addition the bedroom curtains can also according to the room to make a choice, south to the bedroom can choose to block the light, heat insulation, sound insulation effect better suede material curtain rod; And north to the curtain of the bedroom is relatively casual, as long as pay attention to the sound and light blocking. 吗? The color of the curtain and when choosing curtain tonal collocation, still want to consider and bedroom style of coordination. Must not complete by individual be fond of, choose hastily. Choose the wrong curtain, want to know, not only affect the household level in appearance, can even let your dirty to cry. 1. The curtain color according to the first of place metope, floor color, make corresponding choice. Because of metope, ceiling and floor covering range is larger, and will lay the mass-tone attune of whole space, use the same color or nearby fastens curtain, give a person a kind of the feeling of one integrated mass, whole decorate harmonious unification, give a person warmth and comfortable visual enjoyment. 2. The curtain color is consistent with the space overall decoration style compared with the mass-tone attune of the large area, furniture, bedding, accessories and so on all can be called a tone. color choice to tonal mass-tone attune and times together, considering the whole household has a kind of pure and do not show abrupt sense of form a complete set. If you think the theme of the unified color too drab, lack of personality, can pass level superposition, the use of contrasting colors to decorate household, under the principle of seeking common ground while putting aside differences. Can't select, choose a more reliable way of collocation, joker color such as white, gray, cream-colored, are timeless. White curtain is applicable to any space, give a person the feeling of a kind of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity. It is the joker color space, elegant and generous, dust is dye-in-the-wood. However, the deficiency of the white is easy to dirty, don't like frequent cleaning house advocate the best careful consideration. If you want to let whole home presents a low-key senior feeling, is, of course, the most suitable colors to the curtain of grey system. Grey shading effect of the curtain is very good, others couldn't see through the curtains in the room. More importantly, it can give the feeling of fashion and temperament, bedroom graces many of your house! Differ in thousands ways, of course, everyone be fond of, aesthetic of the things are different, in addition to the above several simple and insurance selection, advocating the individuality expression people can also have more choices. Such as: design and color shade. 吗? curtain of the most common style is divided into two kinds: window curtain and with no window curtain. Due to the style of the curtain relations associated with interior design style, so in the choice of the curtain rod, best according to your design style. 吗? Window curtain type window curtain type is characterized by elegant, can greatly foil to the sense of space and decoration of the bedroom. If your bedroom style belongs to the French, the classical European or Mediterranean style, we suggest to choose this kind of curtain.
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