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Choose the curtain rod can show fashion taste

by:Pacific     2020-05-23
A, rod according to the kinds of curtain rod rod can be seen is divided into two categories: rising stem and the non-rising stem, stem is can see the rod color and decoration head ( Commonly known as the first) Modelling of the curtain rod. Because it conforms to the modern society 'light is repaired, heavy' the popular trend, are welcome and accepted by more and more families. Non-rising stem, in contrast to the stem, often in the curtain box of window, people can't see the pole itself easily. This way of decorating already more and more out of style, is gradually be eliminated by age. According to the material and applied to the market in the curtain rod s different division: the first plastic, wooden products, then application of aluminum alloy, iron, zinc alloy products, until now, out of pure stainless steel, and so on. 2, the principle of choosing curtain rod concrete can consider from the following several aspects: the collocation of style and color of the curtain rod selection is mainly the choice of the color and style. According to the household decorates and curtain cloth in the main colour collocation of different color of the curtain rod, and choose the curtain rod to match with the overall style, make bedroom whole colour aesthetic harmony. Now, for example, most people's lives in the main with contracted style is given priority to, appropriate choice of rhythm and lively, simple line curtain rod. The grade of bedroom host 'temperament', people would like to observe others from details, bedroom adornment also is same. The choice of small curtain rod can from one side reflect the host's taste room; The function of the room and use properties in addition to achieve convenient easy view resistance to the most basic demand of Latin America; Also can choose special according to the shape of the edge of the window of the bent pipe goes with functional circle of a stent and to meet the needs of different customers!
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