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Collocation bedroom curtains?

by:Pacific     2020-07-27
The best color 1 bedroom curtains, wall is white or weak ivory color, furniture is yellow or gray, curtain appropriate chooses the orange. 2, the walls are light blue, furniture is light yellow, curtain appropriate chooses white with blue color. 3, the walls are yellow or pale yellow, furniture is purple, black or brown, curtain rod appropriate chooses yellow or golden yellow. 4, the wall is light green lake, furniture is yellow, green, or brown, the curtain chooses green or light green is preferred. of the bedroom color selection skills, master bedroom choose smooth color, color curtain. Such as light brown color, the furniture of palm red can match cream-colored, orange curtain; White furniture can match light coffee, light blue, cream-colored curtains make the room appears quiet and tastefully laid out and not cold, warm and not tacky. Second, try not to use too pure color bedroom is the place that rest, try not to use too pure color or contrast, give priority to with delicate, so as to guarantee the sleep. Bedroom sometimes need sunshine, sometimes completely don't sunshine, so it's best to choose shading sex better curtain to adjust the effect of the sun at any time. Note also the curtain ventilation good performance, in order to keep indoor air fresh. Three, curtain color selection, emphasis on coordination. Its color, texture, with the furniture of the room, bedroom and indoor decoration style in harmony of metope, ground, ceiling, and to form a unified harmonious whole. of the bedroom color choice in general or to the specific circumstances, such as the style of the bedroom, the color of whole bedroom, and master be fond of according to the coordination is the key to do. What is a good color single bedroom curtains? Along with the gender of the single bedroom, general primary cultured is single when choosing curtain color your favorite style, general this kind of circumstance can choose a few more personality curtain color. At this time of the bedroom curtain color can free choice, have no fixed limits. What is a good color children bedroom curtains? Children of bright colors is commonly is innocent and romantic imagination, in order to meet the needs of children's growth, when choosing children room curtain rod color, generally choose the curtain of colorful, it is best to have cute cartoon curtains, and like children, and helpful to his growth. What color is adult bedroom curtains? According to general when choosing curtain of the bedroom color of style, it is best to both sides is the preferred colors, and choose more warm color color is also very important, of course, according to the change of seasons also should choose the curtain of different color, the best curtain color is in the four seasons can be used. Use white, green, blue, orange and so on the curtain color is better.
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