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Common styles of curtain tracks

by:Pacific     2020-02-18
First, it can be divided according to its appearance and function: roller blind, folding curtain, vertical curtain and hundred curtain. 1. Roller blinds are free. It can be divided into: man-made fiber roller blinds, raft roller blinds, bamboo roller blinds. Among them, the man-made fiber roller blind is woven by a special process, and the curtain track can change the indoor light quality through almost no radiation of sunlight, and has an anti-static and fireproof effect. 2, folding curtains can be divided according to their functions: hundred curtains, day and night curtains, honeycomb curtains, hundred curtains. Sewing curtains have a suction effect, and the day and night curtains can have any effect between light transmittance and opacity. 3. Vertical curtains can be divided into aluminum alloy curtains and man-made fiber curtains according to their fabrics. 4, hundreds of curtains are generally divided into wooden pages, aluminum pages, bamboo pages and so on. The biggest feature of the blind curtain is that it can adjust the light at different angles to change the natural light in the room. Second, curtains are designed with decorative cloth and sewn with cloth. Curtains can be divided into printed cloth, dyed cloth, dyed cloth, jacquard cloth, etc. according to their cloth and technology. 1. Printed cloth: printed on plain fabric with transfer or garden net, the pattern is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: bright colors, rich patterns and delicate. 2. Dyed cloth: the monochrome color dyed on the white fabric is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: elegant and natural. 3. Yarn-dyed fabric: according to the needs of the pattern, the gauze is first graded and dyed, and then the curtain track forms a yarn-dyed fabric by interweaving the color pattern. It is characterized by strong color fastness, bright colors and strong three-dimensional effect. 4, jacquard printed cloth: combined with jacquard and printing two processes called jacquard color cloth. 5, fabric curtain yarn-dyed material cotton, hemp, polyester, silk, can also be blended with concentrated raw materials. The cotton fabric is soft. It feels good; Hemp fabric has good drape and strong texture; Silk fabrics are noble. Very gorgeous, it consists of 100% natural silk. Third, the curtain track and curtain fabric are matched on the curtains, which not only adds a soft, warm, romantic atmosphere to the room, but also the most gentle, breathable and breathable characteristics, which can adjust your mood, let people see the feeling. The fabric of the window screen can be divided into: polyester, rayon, hemp or blended fabric; According to its process, it can be divided into printing, embroidery, jacquard, etc.
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