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Cotton and linen curtains?

by:Pacific     2020-06-17
1, the advantages of cotton and linen curtains shading effect is now in the market there is a kind of cotton and linen shade curtain rod, more is on the basis of the traditional curtain fabric, the product is thick, can realize the basic control of the light. If it's the problem of shading effect, in deciding between cotton and linen and window curtain cloth, suggested that choose cotton and linen curtains. Shading can only have basic shading effect, but the air permeability than cotton and linen curtains will be much worse. 2, sound insulation effect, the feeling of peace disturbed by the noise is hard to believe that many people have experienced, relevant research data, points out that housing 90% of all external noise coming from the window, curtain, if choose to a something of good quality can reduce 10% 20% of the outside noise. In all kinds of curtain, curtain cloth art is sound-absorbing effect is very good, with thick cotton and linen curtains for the best. 3, simple sense flax is a bad place is feel is rough, so the cotton fiber blended yarn curtain inherit the characteristics of the soft cotton cloth. On the other hand, many people are worried about cotton and linen curtain fold badly, this basically see choose cotton and linen content and processing technology, the wrinkle resistance of cotton fiber itself is relatively strong. If processing, cotton and linen fabric is in the process of production for water washing, can make the soft curtain and the drape. 4, permeability of cotton fiber blended yarn curtain hemp USES is flax, this kind of natural plant fiber has good air permeability and hygroscopicity. Generally high temperature in summer, the day breaks don't pull the curtain rod the light is too strong, to draw the curtains and worried too stuffy. Cotton and linen curtains don't have to worry too much about this problem. Linen natural air permeability and moisture absorption, the platoon is wet make cotton and linen curtains can breathe freely act the role ofing is tasted. Cotton and linen curtains how wash, light color, white can soak 1-1 2 hours after washing decontamination effect is better, brunet don't soak time is too long, lest fade, should be timely cleaning, can add a spoonful of salt in water, the clothes is not easy to fade. 2, available to all kinds of detergent, can be washed by hand or machine, but because of the elasticity of the cotton fiber is bad, so don't use the attentions at washing washing, variant, lest affect the size. 3, after washing and dewatering should be flat to hang dry quickly, to reduce wrinkle, in addition to the white fabric, not in the sun insolates, avoid making due to exposure to cotton oxidation is accelerated, thus reduce the service life of the clothes fade and cause yellowing, if drying in the sun, the recommendations will be opposite to dry out. 4, white curtain cloth can be used high temperature alkaline strong detergent washing, bleaching, hot water immersion, lest appear yellow sweat stain, other color curtain cloth had better use cold water wash, do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients or washing detergent, lest cause discoloration, more may not be washing powder fell on the cotton goods directly, so as to avoid local decoloring. 5, good drainage curtain cloth to wash, to fold it up and the crowd out of the water or lapped up to squeeze the water with a towel, all kinds of cleaning methods of the curtain, must not force twist wring, lest contorts the cloth, nor drip dry, such excessive contorts after curtain cloth to dry.
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