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Cotton curtain use notice

by:Pacific     2020-05-28
Pure cotton curtain is good in this era of chemical fiber and fakes, cotton materials become one of the materials of a lot of people love. Compared to chemical fiber materials, chemical materials, due to the use of a large amount of chemical additive, thus products of hidden more harmful to the body material. Pure cotton and pure cotton material used as the material, thus made curtains often do not have any material that is harmful to the body. Pure cotton curtain of the advantages and disadvantages of the pure cotton curtain advantages: 1 good wet absorption, curtain, soft, as curtain cloth fabric, there are certain adsorption effect of the dust in the air. 2, cotton curtain cloth appearance simple and rich natural aesthetic feeling, soft luster, dyeing performance is good. 3, alkali resistance and heat resistance. Cotton curtain cloth shortcomings: 1, lack of elasticity and not crisp, easy to wrinkle after cleaning. 2, color fastness is not high, easy to fade. 3, sex differences, easy to shrink after washing and contorts. 4, especially afraid of acid, when stained with concentrated sulfuric acid cotton curtain cloth, cotton curtain cloth was burned into a hole, when careless with acid to get on the curtain cloth, should be cleaned in time so as not to cause fatal damage to Mr M acetic acid. Pure cotton curtain of cleaning method 1, available to all kinds of detergent, can be washed by hand or machine, but because of the elasticity of the cotton fiber is bad, so don't use the attentions at washing washing, variant, lest affect the size. 2, white curtain cloth can be used high temperature alkaline strong detergent washing, bleaching, hot water immersion, lest appear yellow sweat stain. Other color curtain cloth is to use cold water wash, do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients or washing detergent, lest cause discoloration, more may not be washing powder fell on the cotton goods directly, so as to avoid local decoloring. 3, light color, white can soak 1 ~ 2 hours after washing decontamination effect is better. Dark not soak time is too long, lest fade, should be timely cleaning, can add a spoonful of salt in water, the clothes is not easy to fade. 4, curtain cloth wash good drainage, should be to fold it up and the crowd out of the water or lapped up to squeeze the water with a towel, all kinds of cleaning methods of the curtain rod, must not force twist wring, lest contorts the cloth. Also not drip dry, such excessive contorts after curtain cloth to dry. 5, washing after dehydration should be flat to hang dry quickly, in order to reduce wrinkle. In addition to the white fabric, not in the sun insolates, avoid making due to exposure to cotton oxidation is accelerated, thus reduce the service life of the clothes fade and cause yellowing, if drying in the sun, the recommendations will be opposite to dry out. Pure cotton curtain use note 1, new curtain, should be washed, reduce the formaldehyde on the fabric. 2, in addition to the curtains, textiles also contains formaldehyde, to wash before use. 3, after washing, put the curtain in ventilated place dry. 4, if the Windows of the home, can choose the curtain of different material to serve as an ornament. Such as: shutter curtain, shade, etc.
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