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Curtain accessories including those

by:Pacific     2020-05-29
1. The shade head ( Main ingredient + lace, lace) 2. The curtain ( Drape + gauze shade) ( Drape is main = + + hole satin + + rope + lead + lace cross-draw cross + + to + hanging ear + + bind side hook) 3. Orbit ( Shaft + modelling head + rings + + stent plug) Remote control, electric rail are screwed into motor rail rope installation and so on orbit, tie rod, lace, art circle, yuhuan, belt, belt hook, rope, hanging ears, etc. , to see how to use, different quality price difference is very big. The composition of a, the curtain: curtain by shade, accessories, accessories of three most a, accessories have side hook, belt, hook, belt, window balances b, such as sakura accessories have a window, the circle, lace, lace, window inner lining cloth and so on c, including window curtain, curtain body window, window screening. Window curtain is indispensable to decorate window, generally made of same fabric as the window body. Tile design, sale, water wave, integrated style 2, such as the choice of the curtain cloth ( 1) The size of the curtain rod cloth, curtain rod cloth has a fixed high cloth, fixed width of cloth. The so-called fixed high cloth refers to the height of a cloth is fixed, there are 2. 8 m, 2. Two kinds of 1 meter. Fixed width of the specifications of the cloth is 1. 45 meters, on the basis of reasonable selection window size specifications, save cloth can be more effective at the same time matching the color of cloth art interpretation. ( 2) The material of curtain cloth curtain fabric is usually natural cotton, viscose, polyester, acrylic, etc. Cotton wool fabrics with heat resistance, moisture absorption characteristics. Polyester sun resistance, abrasion resistance, wash and wear resistance, comfortable feel. Acrylic has good resistance to bask in. , feel is good, fluffy warms. Three, according to the length of the division of the high shade: suitable for more than 3 meters space type window. Wave window: Hong Kong style modelling, it is suitable for wide windowsill. French window: much used in the sitting room, the use of large Windows of be born glass. Half window: according to the type of window, curtain hem more than 30 centimeters windowsill and level ground. 1, the design of the curtain cloth art: 2, according to its structure, has a simple type, guide rail type, cassette 3 kinds. 3, according to the lighting division, pervious to light, half light, not pervious to light three. 4, according to the form selection of belt pulley divided into orbit is conducive to the use of the curtain. Litre fall shade: similar to shutter suspension method, folding up. According to the strength of the light and lift up and down. Roman hin: common not install window box form, adornment sex is strong. Popular condole belt, convenient and quiet, a strong interpretation of the ordinary curtain: European style used in the window of a window box. Can match shade eyebrow, not orbit. Make the appropriate on fixed discount, convenient installation to clean
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