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Curtain box of window installation common problems

by:Pacific     2020-06-04
box of window installation common problems ( 1) Loose curtain box of window is the main cause of this problem make curtain box of window, Rod) When bar kuang or connection with matrix is not strong, if it is a bar and docking is not tight, should remove the curtain rod box of window, reinstall after repair bar; If it is connected with matrix is not strong, screw nails should be tight or increase the fixed point. ( 2) box of window is installed, not the main cause of this kind of problem are: find a, the size of the painting line is not serious, embedded parts installation and improper adjustment, in order to avoid this kind of problem, install the curtain box of window, Rod) Before, we must ensure correct line drawing, elevation is consistent, the center line of the accurate. ( 3) box of window ends out do not match the length of the main cause of this problem is to have no window and curtain box of window center, construction personnel operation is not serious. ( 4) box of window right against the face plate distortion is the main cause of the problem of wood drying process is done bad, or after admission materials be affected with damp be affected with damp during storage, in order to avoid this problem, installing a curtain box of window, can brush paint again first. Suitable for installation of curtain box of window first is those who have a condole top, should use dark curtain box of window. If there is no ceiling room, it depends on the use or curtain rod, curtain rail use curtain rail, will install Ming curtain box of window, use of curtain rod, do not need curtain box of window. box of window and curtain rod which good ( 1) Look from the decorative according to light is repaired, heavy adornment, the trend of more popular curtain rod. Because the curtain rod appear particularly strong rod head decoration, and style of styles, long useful life. Installation is simple, maintenance is unpick and wash. And curtain box of window, although the overall decoration is very good, but complex installation, maintenance is not convenient to unpick and wash, compared with the curtain rod, people are more willing to choose the curtain rod. ( 2) Look from the usability of this curtain box of window has great superiority, curtain box of window up is being and pull when very quiet, almost no sound. rod, by contrast, pull up is not being pulled from time to tome noise, and the leakage of curtain rod easily stained with dust, should not be clean, so the drive will be more difficult. What are the curtain rod accessories, 1) Cloth core belt: divided into non-woven belt, senior sash lun, ordinary cloth core, including non-woven core don't take any number of times of washing shrink, deformation, its price is core with six times the ordinary cloth. ( 2) The hook: divided into single hook, four fork hook, the hook of the hook can make curtain folds straight, deformation, suitable for all kinds of curtain, its price is 4 times four fork hook, hook four fork out, nearly eliminated, although complex single hook technology, flexure and uniform, the beautiful and neat, not deformation, easy to unpick and wash, durable. ( 3) Other accessories: lead weights, lead rope non-woven fabric, the use of the lead rope, lead weights added cloth heavy feeling, make a curtain more flat and level. ( 4) Shade head: according to the rules of the industry, the original is hte processing when the curtain shade head, unscrupulous merchants will be converted into money, therefore, the department must bargain to their concessions in order to be in place; ( 5) General track: shaft + modelling head + rings + + plug; ( 6) Electric curtain track, remote control, and motor rail, rope, installation, and so on. ( 7) Lace, lead, lead wire, orbit, Rome pole, etc. ;
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