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Curtain cleans common sense

by:Pacific     2020-06-05
Every day to deal with the curtain, in fact, pollution is very serious, but often is ignored by people. The pollution mainly comes from the external environment of the curtain in the dust, fiber flock, moist air, rain and other organic matter, etc. , on these particles often stick with a wide variety of organisms. In the curtain on the indoor environment plays a protective role in life, as the bedroom environment is different, its pollution situation also is not the same, ordinary bedroom is the most common problem is the accumulation and diffusion of air dust, skin to produce sebum and epidermal exfoliation, etc will adhere to the window curtains, and summer air conditioning moist environment, becoming one of the good microbial culture medium. If more than half a year without washing curtains, can use the nose to smell, there will be a distinct smell of dust ( Have allergic rhinitis do not try, you can use medical white tape glued on the curtain, see some float ash, in-depth pollutants is less the more fabric fiber) 。 as media can spread many diseases, respiratory infectious diseases, tuberculosis, diphtheria, influenza, SARS whooping cough, etc. ; Skin diseases have a rash, itching, etc; The intestinal infectious diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and cholera. So, in order to family health, prevent the happening of the disease, must be regularly for curtain disinfection treatment. The old man, children, patients with respiratory diseases and chronic diseases are more susceptible to infection, so for regular cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of the curtain is very be necessary. Ordinary families each quarter overall clean curtain, can basically meet family members health requirements. At least once every half a year need to wash the curtain, can make the curtain use longer buy use screens of friends know, after long-term use, window screen will be dark or black, obviously this is dust accumulation resulted in the main, if not timely cleaning, let its adhesion, have moist air to soak for a long time, plus the sun make its oxidation, will find that using ordinary washing machine, laundry detergent has been washed out, after washing or black or grey. This is because the domestic washing machine capacity is small, use normal laundry detergent washing in cold water, the curtain inside turn does not open, can't wash clean. And professional curtain washing agencies use than ordinary dry cleaners is getting more professional cleaning equipment, using China professional washing institutions according to the characteristics of the curtain stains develop washing products, electric auxiliary heating, water washing, can clear contrast the difference between before and after washing. Finally, disinfection sterilization, but also we have a clean and healthy home. Every sweet bedroom as the seasons change, change for new curtain, the curtain rod of the old, of course, want to have a cleaning and preservation, to replace in the next season when repeated use, different curtain have different ways of cleaning. Cloth art first before we wash the curtain should be handled according to the design of the curtain, curtain usually based on the divided into hook hanging method and punching, general material curtain hook type as long as taking out from the inside of the cloth curtain hook can be put in the washing machine wash. Punching type curtain is best take down loops and loops are two relative lash, just from the middle break, ready to dry before put them on. After wash the curtain had better not dehydration and drying, not in the sun insolates, should be dry naturally. Avoid destroying the curtain texture and colour. Flannel cloth curtain has the strong ability of absorbing dust off after the application of hand shake a shake, the curtain to adhere to the dust on the curtain of natural to fall into a cleaner again the water soak for about 15 minutes. Velvet curtain had better not use washing machine to clean, usable hand filter water. Do not force twist after wash, make the automatic drain water evaporation. Cotton and linen cloth cotton and linen material curtain cleans up easily, can be directly into the washing machine to clean. In addition to using washing powder, had better add a little clothing fabric softener, cotton and linen cloth curtain after washing can be more smooth. Lace trimmed with lace curtain is not suitable for cleaning. Before cleaning, can I use soft brush to dust on the surface of the scan gently, with a bag tied to protect good cleaning shutter shutter can be directly after cleaning. On the curtain spraying the right amount of water, with a dry cloth. If the shutter shade of rope is dirty, can dip in with a cleaner wet dishcloth to clean. Shutter shade generally more difficult to remove, can be directly on the shutter with detergent to clean. When cleaning should pay special attention to the position of the shutter is easier to absorb dust around, if heavier can use soft brush to remove dust, dust is wiped clean with clear water. Pure cotton washing of alkali resistance of pure cotton cloth is strong, can use all sorts of soap and scour catharsis. Water temperature should be controlled below 35 ℃, can put the curtain in the warm water soak 1 ~ 2 hours, but unfavorable in detergent soak for a long time, to prevent fade, and then rinse clean. Remember that not overexert when washing, in order to avoid the surface fluff. When ironing, the temperature is below 120 ℃, the best mat white cloth, lest its fade, affect the appearance. Air is basked in, window curtains if mildew spot, can use 20 grams ammonia water to immerse to 1 litre of diluent, after rinsing.
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