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Curtain cloth curtain shutter shading cloth

by:Pacific     2020-06-12
Xiamen curtain the sitting room is the place where we receive a visitor, is also the place where we often stay at home, so the adornment of the sitting room also should pay attention to the somewhat, here is to introduce a if how to choose the curtain of the sitting room. According to the sitting room metope colour choose 1, before buying the curtain, curtain, you can first take a look at your sitting room metope color, if your sitting room metope color is green, then you can choose the curtain of yellow, it looks more harmonious. 2, if the colors of your living room or metope color is yellow, then we can choose the curtain of green, but must pay attention to the color not too deep, a little pale. 3, if you are in the sitting room metope is slant blue category, you can choose dark brown kind of curtain rod, can with some blue pattern. How to choose the curtain of sitting room 4, if the sitting room metope is white, it is better to choose, can choose beige curtain, also can according to your living room the color of the item to match. Recommended! ! ! How to choose the sitting room curtain rod curtain according to their own needs to choose one, if you want to be a sense of nature, can choose green curtains and curtain rod can have some nature landscape, landscape design, such as it not only has the body in the feeling of nature, there will be a feeling of health. 2, if you want to be a gorgeous elegant feeling, you can choose the curtain of some soft silk fabrics, as for the color, you can undertake collocation according to the colour of metope.
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