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Curtain cloth should be how to choose and buy

by:Pacific     2020-07-23
The choose and buy of cloth curtain method 1, we know that in the design style curtain cloth there are many types of designs. The curtain cloth and associated with interior design style with these design. So, the choice of the curtain fabric, curtain fabric design style is the first requirement. That is to say, all elements of the curtain fabric, the first is to matching with indoor style. At this point, you can according to indoor style matching, which can make the style of the curtain fabric design and interior design style. 2, curtain cloth function needs from the functional requirements of a paragraph of curtain fabric design style, based on the need to choose the thickness of curtain fabric. In general, there are two ways: 1) Using a thicker curtain rod cloth. 2) Use a thicker curtain cloth, at the same time do a layer of gauze shade inside. As for curtain fabric style, which was used in the need to consider the actual situation, such as some curtain fabric design style of the gauze shade were not allowed to exist. 3, there are many kinds of choices, choose the curtain cloth below a brief introduction about the performance of the curtain cloth characteristics: ( 1) Light, thin, transparent or translucent curtain cloth, such as cotton, polyester cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh fabric, lace and voile, etc. ( 2) Medium thickness of opaque curtain rod fabric, such as fancy weave cotton cloth, nylon and its blended fabric, poor mesh cloth; of sliding surface cloth, if brush smooth calico, antique satin, silk and cotton moire, etc.
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