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Curtain colour collocation technique

by:Pacific     2020-05-28
The curtain color choice, focus on coordination. Its color, texture, with the furniture of the room, bedroom and indoor decoration style in harmony of metope, ground, ceiling, and to form a unified harmonious whole. Again, the choice of the curtain, in harmony with the owner's psychological feeling, color preferences, is the key. Such as red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple colour collocation can make the person produces bad psychological feeling, which is not coordinate is mainly embodied in the curtain rod with the ground, on the colour collocation of furniture and bedspread. Such as walls and furniture slant yellow tones, and the curtain rod also USES cream-colored, apricot yellow, so colors, although seemingly harmonious, but if in the bedroom to stay for a long time, so the color psychological will inevitably feel dizzy, so choose light blue, green wait for color is more reasonable. As another example, weak light green metope, adopting the green curtain, uniform color, but give a person the feeling slants cold, with shallow tonal to warm color to move, can solve this problem. Here will be some color and various atmosphere created by their features list for your reference in design. 1: easy to make people pay attention to the red bold, excited, excited, loyalty, a warm, lively, symbol of enthusiasm, good fortune, happiness and glory. Negative fatigue, dangerous, nervous, restless. 2: orange out sex is high, the temperature is greater than the red, fatigue, color for harvest. 3; Yellow in the most common nature, give a person sense of light and the harvest, as the ancient Kings special color, symbolize nobility. 4: green the most like the human eye, make the person think of spring, health, peace, peace, and wisdom. 5: blue most administrative levels sense, reminiscent of broad, deep and pure, reason, long. Negative is cold and dark and poor. 6: white pure, clean, simple. Negative to mourning, and cold. 7: grey plain and ordinary. Negative to empty, boring, depression and despair. 8: black solid, implicative, solemn and respectful. Negative for dark and evil. 9: lemon yellow looks gentle, lively, vibrant, makes a person feel relaxed. 10: beautiful, romantic pink, makes a person feel gentle and lovely, naive. 11: light blue, simple, generous, give a person the sense is clear and comfortable. 12: dark olive green appear sedate, calm and elegant. 13: peak green quietly elegant, simple, appear pure and fresh and natural. 14: rose elegant, beautiful, rich, sincere and true love
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