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Curtain of restaurant how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-05-21
Restaurant in general, the choice of the curtain technique 1, color the color of the restaurant meal will affect our mood, and the curtain occupies the most. Accordingly, can choose the color is more light some bright, such can let dining-room appear lively and beautiful, we look at also can be happy, appetite is big. 2, for the materials of the curtain cloth, can have more choice, which is suitable for use in the restaurant? Relatively speaking, cotton, hemp for material is good. Because it is convenient in cleaning, also easy to replace. 3, prevent noise had a research say so, if when indoor noise is 50 decibels, and no noise cancellation facilities on doors and Windows, will interfere with the normal activities of people. In order to have a quiet easy repast environment, especially the romantic and warm candlelight dinner in the evening, then you must not can not consider change a sound-absorbing quality curtain with good effect. So what kind of curtain rod sound-absorbing effect is better? Small make up here to tell you, for flocking fabrics, cotton, linen curtains but has a large advantage in sound-absorbing oh! 4, warm winter Xia Shuang four quarter a year we all in the restaurant, in the two seasons, spring, summer, the weather is hot, can choose the curtain of cool color department make dining-room so not too hot, appropriate choice of pale blue color, this feeling is cool. In qiu dong season, external temperature is relatively low, the color of the dining room the curtain of appropriate USES warm color department is given priority to, such as red, appear warmer. 5, look at the color and pattern of the curtain, tableware also can choose according to restaurant tableware. If tableware is brunet attune, should choose relatively the curtain of light color, lest cross deep color let a person produce depressive feeling. On the other hand, the reason is the same. 6, the first restaurant style, according to the adornment style of the restaurant, select the style, color and pattern. Will tell from color, if the restaurant's overall style is plain and neat, and the curtain of light color attune, pervious to light quality and the style of the restaurant more build, can build give a kind of generous bright visual effect. 7, the restaurant for restaurant of the larger family size, generous, air, delicate curtain can be used. For those for the family of small restaurants, choose more concise style is good, in order to avoid space because of the curtain rod is more narrow.
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