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Curtain rail accessories have?

by:Pacific     2020-05-30
The curtain rail accessories as an important part of the curtain, cannot be ignored. If it were not for the accessories, light has beautiful curtain cloth also of no help, so, the curtain rail accessories today to tell you about what. rail accessories mainly includes track and curtain, curtain rod, curtain hook bracket, etc. These accessories are an important part of a curtain rod on success on metope, be short of one cannot. First of all, let's take a look at the curtain rail. rail includes two different kinds of light rail and dark rail track. First said that track, there are three main kinds of material: 1. Real wood material real wood material orbits price moderate, appearance beautiful, it is very popular with consumers of a rail material. Don't think its real wood material is relatively simple, in fact, according to different wood with different shades of color, but also bring their own natural wood grain texture, very able to bear or endure look. In the track of real wood of choose and buy, remember to check it on the surface of the processing conditions, including paint is uniform, the surface is smooth, and so on. 2. Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy material orbital orbital relatively, the style is concise, basic no difference. Choose and buy when see is the wall thickness, good aluminum alloy orbital wall thickness in 1. 5 - Between the 2 mm; Second, depending on its TAB design, many aluminum alloy TAB in the upper and the lower part of the orbit has pull slot, but is actually a pseudo adornment, need not too care about. Remember when the choose and buy directly pull TAB, see whether smooth. Finally, to see the product detects report, at least to ensure that its raw materials used are safe material and aluminum, recycled plastic recycling, etc. 3. Steel tube material the orbit of rail steel tube material and wrought iron rod, a variety of specifications, surface spraying, electroplating process, so remember to check it when the choose and buy the surface of the production process. In addition to the orbit of the curtain, we take a look at its other parts: 1. rod. rod material is very much also, but generally does not pay attention to its material, basically see its head decoration, a high quality of curtain rod in addition to having good quality material, must also have beautiful head decoration. 2. Rings. rail's rings is one of the important factors that influences the quality of the curtain. Our common rings are plastic, wood, etc. , depending on the curtain rail material choice, should pay attention to the match. 3. Stents. Complete the curtain rod track must have the existence of stents, with it, the curtain to open and close freely, otherwise close every day, without sunshine. In conclusion, the curtain rail accessories is introduced here, want to choose and buy the curtain has certain help to you.
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