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Curtain rail which is really good in your family?

by:Pacific     2020-06-23
1, let's say dark rail, a household use most products, divided into aluminum alloy series and plastic [ The so-called nano] Series, aluminum alloy orbit depends on wall thickness of the orbit, the general quality of orbital wall thickness are more than 1 mm, the orbit of too thin not easy deformation and impact roller rolling intensity, surface treatment has spray and electrophoresis, recommended surface electrophoresis treatment, more smooth and durable, color to is second, because is installed inside a curtain box of window, the color has no effect on household, basically see individual be fond of. Followed by pulley, the pulley made of ABS and POM, we recommend the use of POM pulley, POM is super durable resin, service life is long, the lift ring on the pulley is curtain hook the ring, that will be hung on the pulley with ordinary iron ring and 304 stainless steel ring, ring of POM resin, a hoop due to rust, it is not recommended to choose and determine the orbit and pulleys, the key is to install the bracket, mounting bracket is very strong and durable, use more than 1 mm steel manufacturing, multilayer coating, is very convenient to install and remove, is the foundation of rail installation is firm, the above is the basic choice of dark track method, plastic track due to the use of time is short, easy to aging, is generally not recommended family use. 2, decorative curtain rod rod, is the most young people like use curtain decorative material, variety, and household style can be used on each other, with the material of stem solid wood, aluminum, iron, etc. , according to the material can cooperate with various kinds of styles of decoration. Solid wood: is suitable for the household style, is composed of aluminium alloy rod: suitable for fashion and the pursuit of contracted household, wrought iron bar: suitable for the household of Europe and South America style, on the selection, basically see on the surface of the material and processing, the thickness is very important, on the surface of the curtain rod rod is directly exposed to the household, so the rod surface treatment is particularly important. 3, decorative rod 19 - fashion now 22 thin rod, the material is iron and aluminum alloy rod, basically see the surface of the handle, wrought iron rod service life and feel no aluminum alloy of good, but adornment effect is stronger, the aluminium alloy rod tend to be delicate, long service life, and it's important to note that installing bracket, must be 1. 2 or more steel plate, wall decoration bar is installed, the requirement to the mount bracket to be higher than ordinary dark rail, when the choose and buy, please pay special attention to.
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