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Curtain rod device method, starting from the details to do a good job of the device

by:Pacific     2020-03-12
The installation of curtain rods is generally implemented in the end part of the whole mid-term period, and curtains are decorations that are isolated from the outside world in the home space and are also necessities of life in the home life. When installing curtains, we must also understand the installation method of curtain rods, only in this way can the curtains be installed completely and beautifully. The following small editor will give you a detailed and comprehensive explanation on the installation method of curtain rod. I. Preparation for curtain rod installation the materials and tools that must be used must be prepared before curtain rod decoration. First, the materials required for curtain rod include wood and products, hardware accessories and metal curtain rod. The main tools used are hand drill, small electric table, woodworking plane, small plane, slot plane, small wood saw, screwdriver, chisel, punch, Hacksaw, etc. Moreover, before installing the curtain rod, there must also be conditions for installing the curtain rod, that is, in a room with a ceiling and using a dark curtain box, the ceiling project needs to be carried out at the same time as the curtain box. Second, the curtain rod installation method 1, positioning and scribing, when installing the curtain rod and curtain box, the requirements on the design drawings should be installed to make a central positioning, the water ink line to play the horizontal line, and find the structure relationship. The horizontal line of the curtain rod is based on the support under the curtain as the marking standard, and the support positioning line and the hole position line are only included. 2. Punching, the general punching position is more determined by the design drawings, and the punching depth is best controlled at 3. Between 5 cm and 5 cm, the phenomenon of preventing running eyes or skew often occurs. Pay attention to the location of the hole, it should be far away from the wire or water pipe embedded in the wall. When the hole is finished, the plastic expansion pipe can be punched into the hole to prepare for the next step of installing the curtain rod. 3. Inspection and treatment of embedded parts. When the punching step has been completed, the position and specification of the embedded fixing parts of the fixed curtain box must be checked after the line is found, and whether the embedded waterproof needs to meet the fixed requirements, if there are frequent deviations in elevation, levelness, center position and wall outlet, measures should be taken to prevent the installation level of curtain rods from being insufficient. 4. Install the curtain rod. The support for installing the curtain rod must be consolidated. The support can be fixed with steel wire and the like, and then the lifting ring can be put into the curtain rod, divided into two parts, leaving one lifting ring on each side of the rod, press the rod into the open support again, and it is appropriate to change the distance between the decorative heads on both sides and the wall at the same distance. 5. Hang the curtain, hang the two ends of the curtain of the hook that has already been numbered into the ring. After the registered curtain, try to change it to see if there is any blockage when pulling, if the curtains are pulled normally, the curtain rod decoration has been completed. Three, curtain rod installation skills 1, curtain rod installation is mainly to find the installation position of the curtain, the position of the curtain is the main factor that requires the curtain rod to be installed flat. When drawing the size line, you must be serious and carefully confirm whether it is an accurate position, and the installation of embedded parts may be accurate. In addition, the installation of the measuring ruler must make its elevation consistent, and the center line should be more specific. When installing the curtain box, the size and length of both sides should be exactly the same. 2. The decorated Curtain rod must be placed with the curtain sliding out of the curtain track rod. Generally, the thickness of the cover plate is more than 15mm, and the cover plate less than 15mm should be fixed with machine screws to prevent the curtain from sliding down. The curtain ring should purchase a brand with good quality to prevent the curtain ring from being broken in subsequent use. The above is the installation method and related skills of the curtain rod compiled by Xiaobian. I hope that I need to assist you in the installation of the curtain rod.
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