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Curtain rod how to install?

by:Pacific     2020-04-16
Now many young people are keen on shopping online, they will not only get to the Internet to buy clothes, shoes and hats will surf the Internet to buy decorate building materials, such as access to the Internet to buy the curtain. Online purchase curtain can enjoy more favorable price, but has become the difficult problem to install. Then the curtain rod how to install? Small make up today and introduce the curtain rod installation and the installation steps, make a reference to need friends! Curtain rod installation steps to install the curtain, a professional work, but also is not too difficult. You first need to be ready before install the curtain of the corresponding tools, such as measuring tape, pencil, hammer drill and form a complete set of 6 mm diameter drill, screwdriver, diameter 6 mm plastic expansion tubes, ladders, saws and so on. In addition, we also need to check whether the material is ready, such as checking on the Roman curtain rod and its decoration, installation code, the suspension loop ( Circle) Deserve good; Measure the length of the Roman curtain rod, the width of the window, and record. The installation step 2 curtain curtain rod is a very meticulous work, therefore everybody should be installed in strict accordance with the steps to operate. Line, first you have to first row with a pencil to draw the installation code lines to locate the hole position. Generally the Roman curtain rod length more than 2. 5 meters to 3 installation code, code is located in the center of the window or wall in the middle of the installation, install code on both ends must be at least 5 - equidistance window edge The top 15-250 px, stem from the window 500px( The location of the installation code according to the size of the window and wall are different, the above approach is for reference only) 。 Curtain rod installation steps after three good cross positioning line, then punch. Everyone not so casual in punching, must according to standardized operation, be sure to keep in mind the following points: 1, the punch position away from the wires, conduit; 2, 3 drilling depth. 5 - Can't run eye when 125 px, punching, skew; 3, after punching, plastic expansion pipe into the hole. The curtain rod installation step four holes after good, the next step is to install the curtain rod. Installation code to use long screw to fixed, while the rings to one set of the curtain rod rings in two, one at each end to keep rings; Then the Roman curtain rod pressure into the opening installation code, adjustment, make adornment head on both ends the distance of the left wall. Curtain rod installation step 5 above, after the completion of these steps you can hang up the beautiful curtains. You wear on the curtain hook, and then hang the hook on the other side of the rings of the hole. Then you can try to pull the curtain around to check whether sliding is flexible, two curtain contour. Otherwise, the fine tuning. Above is the small make up on how to install curtain rod and the curtain installation methods and procedures related to share, to be a reference for everyone! If you have more questions, welcome to continue to pay attention to put information, later will give more attractive content for everyone.
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