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Curtain rod installation details have?

by:Pacific     2020-04-15
Domestic outfit style with furniture, adornment decorate to further strengthen, such as shine at the moment and we see by qian wan selecting adornment to adorn, and as a natural light is the best foil tools from Windows, inevitable when feeling light line of sight is necessarily on the window, and to deepen the domestic outfit style decoration is the curtain of our eyes. Head of the household after decorating an end, natural to effort on decoration, and carefully selected curtain always needs with appropriate curtain rod is the most perfect collocation. For collocation bedroom window curtain, we generally are more focused on the curtains, such as material, thickness, design, pattern, color, etc. , few people pay attention to the curtain rod, curtain rod hardware fittings choose actually is also very important, curtain rod will be the curtain together with metope, choose good curtain rod, can determine the quality and durability of the curtain, curtain rod looks be like simple, therefore, has a very important role. 1, the curtain rod installation method a lot of people for the installation of the curtain rod is no understand, when to buy the curtain curtain rod thus knowledge comes with a choice, don't know anything about how to install the curtain rod is, in the installation of the curtain can only call professional personnel to install, if make sense of the curtain rod indoor installation method, so the installation of the curtain is actually very simple. ( 1) Install the curtain box of window. Important parts of the curtain box of window curtain installation to hidden curtain shade head, before construction must first determine the height of the curtain, curtain box of window according to the height of the curtain to set up. ( 2) Install the curtain rail. Curtain rail are the framework of the curtain installation, the installation of time according to the height of the need to install the curtain curtain track, install the curtain rail inside the curtain box of window, do the appearance overall. ( 3) Install the curtain rod. Curtain rod, you first need to set a point is installed to ensure a straight, the decoration on both sides of the head are to be aligned, installed after the curtain rod can hang the curtains. 2, when installation should pay attention to matters of curtain rod curtain rod installation not technical work, but also need to carefully install, a beautiful home is by the accumulation of detail, and the installation of curtain rod times, some things have to mention. First to determine the connection mode when installation, the installation itself be cultured is a firmly, different wall connection mode should also be discriminatory. To install, not only to determine the soundness is in the process also should pay attention to the safety of construction, under the premise of security, also want to guarantee the quality of installation, curtain rod installation must be level and flat, beautiful hanging curtain is able to achieve results. The curtain is the most common daily adornment, can have the effect of shading, not only in the window at the same time also is to protect the privacy of the family. We can learn by video or on steps to install, but the installation is not reasonable or will cause trouble to life, the curtain was to have adornment effect, further deepening the domestic outfit style, not because of adverse effects of radiation to install, so small make up recommend, or a professional personnel to install curtain rod construction, not only beautiful and also reduce the trouble in the future.
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