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Curtain rod installation method and matters needing attention

by:Pacific     2020-04-14
With the improvement of people's living standard, now the curtain rod material on the market will be more and more, the different material, style of curtain rod installation is different also. The installation of curtain rod, decorate in the family is also an essential step in. Let's look at the curtain rod installation method and matters needing attention are what. A curtain rod installation method. Underlined: to install the bearing under the curtain as standard, draw lines to support localization and hole location. Three bearing, in the middle of the bearing is located in the window or wall, both ends must be equidistant. About 15 - bearing at the ends of the left wall — 20 cm or rod end 5 - to leave Rome 10cm。 2. Punch: in the curtain rod installation, the perforating depth should be in 3. Between 5 cm to 5 cm, of course, one can not run eyes and askew phenomenon; Attention away from the wires and pipes during punching, after completion of the punch, the pressed plastic expansion pipe into the hole. 3. Install lever: bearing with self tapping fastening; Rings set into the bar, rings in two, one at each end to keep rings; Put the rod into open bearing, adjust, make adornment head on both ends the distance of the left wall. Four. Hang curtain: after wear well in curtain hooks, the hang hook at one end into the rings of the hole is ok, but after hang up the curtains, it should be about opening and closing the curtains, check whether the slide is flexible, two curtain height is the same. Curtain rod installation considerations, roof height: 1 in order to show the aesthetic feeling of exposed curtain rod, so must pay attention to the bedroom at the top and the height of the window, to avoid a depression, suffocation when installed on the wall, the wall, is also a more appropriate installation, also is more important to choose to install method, level 2: the house price has increased, but the quality is on the decline, is the economy applicable room and also build, must understand the secret here, you can choose their favorite 3, leave room: in the installation process, fudan around the window frame reserve not less than 6 cm, this is to let the curtain rod in place, make it a window, is also a reasonable installation considerations, it is important to note that this installation. Above is small make up today to introduce the method of curtain rod installation and the installation of curtain rod matters needing attention of relevant information. Hope to be of help. Curtain rod is the decoration of the curtain rod, divided into two categories: rising stem and the non-rising stem, material is given priority to with metal and wood, used to install the curtain, reduce noise, sunlight directly. Using range and collocation style not too restrictive, applicable to the bedroom of all sorts of function.
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