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Curtain rod installation method need to pay attention to what time?

by:Pacific     2020-04-15
When choosing curtains in our daily life, in addition to the samples of cloth, we will elaborate on the collocation of different style of curtain rod, curtain rod used scope and collocation style not too restrictive, applicable to the bedroom of all sorts of function. So apply curtain rod, we have to learn how to install so that we can always change the collocation of indoor style. Then to see the curtain rod installation method, with small make up hope can bring you help. A 1 line, curtain rod installation method to install the bearing under the curtain as standard, draw lines to support localization and hole location. Three bearing, in the middle of the bearing is located in the center of the window or wall, both ends must be equidistant. About 15 - bearing at the ends of the left wall — 20 cm or rod end 5 - to leave Rome 10cm。 2 holes in curtain rod installation, the perforating depth should be in 3. Between 5 cm to 5 cm, of course, one can not run eyes and askew phenomenon; Attention away from the wires and pipes during punching, after completion of the punch, the pressed plastic expansion pipe into the hole. 3 installation rod bearing with self tapping fastening; Rings set into the bar, rings in two, one at each end to keep rings; Put the rod into open bearing, adjust, make adornment head on both ends the distance of the left wall. 4 hang curtain, wear well in curtain hook to hang the hook at one end into the rings of the hole is ok, but after hang up the curtains, it should be about opening and closing the curtains, check whether the slide is flexible, two curtain height is the same. Second, the curtain rod installation note 1 level of house prices, but the quality is on the decline, especially in economy applicable room and also build, some roof tilt about 10 cm, its finish shop floor tile of the ground uneven differ in 5 cm, present a trapezoidal shape of wall. When install the curtain rod so it is best to use level and the horizontal tube. 2 roof height in order to show the aesthetic feeling of exposed curtain rod, so must pay attention to the room at the top and the height of the window, to avoid a depression, the feeling of suffocation. When installed on the wall, the wall, pole leave the roof and ceiling should be in 6 cm to 12 cm is advisable. And when installed on the roof and ceiling, namely referred to as 'top Ann, Rome pole left wall should be 6 cm to 10 cm, prevent the curtain when opening and closing, friction metope, stained curtain cloth. 3 leave room in the installation process, fudan around the window frame reserve not less than 6 cm, this is to let the curtain rod in place, make the curtain cloth can completely cover the window. Curtain cloth covering the entire wall, the length of the Roman bar ( Does not include the decoration at the ends of the head) , shorter than indoor width of about 18 - — 22 cm, after the installation, the adornment of the curtain rod head with wall has a gap of about 2 - 6 cm, known as the 'land of leave out' edit summary: about curtain rod installation method is introduced to here, hope to be of help.
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