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Curtain rod installation should pay attention to what matters?

by:Pacific     2020-04-24
Although the installation of the curtain rod is small, but the perfect home outfit is by countless such small matter accumulation formation. In order to ensure the installation effect, don't forget the following items when install the curtain rod. Curtain rod installation note 1, it depends if the walls are board by using the way of different connection, as long as the installation of orbital screws to eat directly on the board to determine its location and position. If the walls are cement, need to use electric drill to punch holes in determining the location, and then the special nylon tube in, put the screw plug into the special nylon expansion pipe tighten. 2, curtain hook installation note if it is with the method of fixed curtain curtain hook, you can use different installation way of hook, forming different pleat curtains. But it is important to note the distance between the curtain hook as far as possible even, tally up; Found a rusty link change immediately, otherwise pollute the curtain cloth. In actual use, can adjust the number of pins inserted into the slot, or 3, or 4. Can adjust interval between every two hooks to hang with slot number, which can adjust the effective width of the curtain. 3, installation to ensure that the strong do not install up, soon down, this is bad, so, to install, pay attention to choose match the pole bracket, if the bracket is too small, perhaps bracket easily damaged, on the other hand, too small stents and wall of the interface will be smaller, the size of the installation of the number of nuts or nut is restricted, it'll be easier to install the curtain rod too. 4, to ensure the specification and horizontal curtain rod length should be greater than the window width, avoid light-leaking; Curtain rod installation should be level, if necessary, use on feet monitoring curtain rod installation flat. 5, curtain rod installation time to select the best choice in bridal chamber again the final open after drought or cleaning before the curtain rod, curtain rod loading too early will fall on a thick dust, filled with late cleaning white do, while roma pole best and curtain fittings, while curtain rail can be installed ahead of schedule, the best decorate when they consider what kind of track installation. 。
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