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Curtain rod installation techniques and matters needing attention

by:Pacific     2020-06-08
Home to install a variety of type or style of the curtain, must be designed to the curtain rod installation, the installation of the curtain rod, generally at the end of the curtain installation work, when we choose good curtain rod can undertake curtain rod installation, in order to achieve satisfactory installation effect, realize the need to prepare some work, need to master the curtain rod in the process of installation skills and attention to detail. A, before the curtain rod rod installation need to be ready to work: 1, the material requirements: ( 1) Wood and products, ( 2) Hardware accessories, ( 3) Metal curtain rod 2, main machines and tools, 1) Small hand electric drill, electric major ( 2) Carpenter's big plane, small plane, groove plane, small wood saw, screwdriver, chisels, punch, hacksaw, etc. Second, followed by curtain rod installation work: 1, install the curtain box of window of time look for the good bits, painting lines carefully, embedded parts installation accuracy. Do line is correct, before installation gauge must make level consistent, the center line of the accurate. 2, curtain box of window when installation should make the same length on both ends of size. 3, to prevent the shedding of the curtain track, generally cover plate thickness should not be less than 15 mm, thin in 15 mm plate should use machine screws curtain rail. 4, wood drying process is not good, after admission deposit be affected with damp be affected with damp, when installation should be timely and paint it again. Three things that should pay attention to, when installing curtain rod: 1, gesso line along with the window, along the reserved at least 10 cm distance between; 2, curtain rod length should be greater than the window width, avoid light-leaking; 3, curtain rod installation should be level, solid; 4, to shop around, from the aspects such as quality, price, service comprehensive consideration, choose the household with after-sales service trustworthy market; 5, choose cloth art act the role ofing is tasted mainly color, texture, pattern, on the choice of fabrics, also want to with the function of the cloth accessories, such as curtain, antependium, wall hanging, to match the space of the bedroom, facade size, on the vision should have a sense of balance. Four, curtain rod installation order 1, positioning and scribing: install curtain rod box of window, curtain rod, shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of design center positioning, play good leveling line, looking for a good structure. 2, embedded parts inspection and handling: seek after check curtain box of window of embedded fixed position, specifications, embedded way whether can meet the requirements of installation fixed, for elevation, pingdu, center, a wall distance measures should be taken to have error processing. 3, check the processed products: check has been processed products that enter the arena, before installation should check the varieties, specifications, assembly structure whether to conform to the requirements of design and installation, the installation of curtain box of window, curtain box of window installation is very simple, installed mainly curtain box of window, curtain rails and rods and installation of curtain rod.
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