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Curtain rod installed?

by:Pacific     2020-04-13
Speaking of household soft outfit, will speak of the installation of the curtain, choose the curtain should not only on the fabric, but also pay attention to the quality of the curtain rod, we every day to pull a curtain, if curtain rod or the installation quality is not good, will greatly influence the service life of the curtain. What material do you have in how to install curtain rod and curtain rod, then see with small make up! How to install curtain rod under normal circumstances, when they buy curtains and curtain rod to buy together, merchants will also be responsible for the installation and after-sales, but you can see how curtain rod installation. Install the curtain rod need to use long screw, had better be the specialty, will help keep the bolts into the exterior wall, have the effect of completely fixed, fruit expansion bolt is too short, not fixed, the effect of can pull down by hand. Choose has screw curtain rod up and down the base, it can reinforce the curtain rod fixation. When installation should measure the position of the good base, with walls on both sides of the distance is appropriate, if it is too far apart or too close doesn't look beautiful. Reasonable measurement of the altitude of the curtain rod, under normal circumstances, can 15 cm away from the ceiling. If metope to all curtain, curtain rod and metope as long as is needed. Aluminum curtain rod curtain rod should use one of the most common is the aluminum curtain rod, everybody when choosing this type of curtain rod, should focus on the curtain rod thickness, normally, the lining is thick, the better the quality. Great Wall relatively thick to 1. 5MM - 2 mm, poor second TAB in the design, using recycled plastic TAB, the window of the manufacturing process is rough. Solid wood real wood is one of the most common curtain rod, curtain rod color colorful, can give users more choice. Choose real wood pole, basically depends on the processing of surface, whether smooth, the paint is uniform, decoration head shape and symmetry, solid wood decorative rail with sound and without the silencing of the two. If opening and closing more, it is recommended that the article choosing with the mute. The iron curtain rod also often see iron curtain rod, curtain rod of iron electroplating and surface treatment has spray, users when the choose and buy is mainly check the quality of the coating and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate on the mounting bracket, and the thickness of the tube wall, etc. Summary: the curtain is soft outfit items essential to new home decoration, everybody when choosing curtain, should not only pay attention to the quality of the curtain fabric, but also pay close attention to its accessories quality, especially on the choice of curtain rod. What are above about how curtain rod installation and curtain rod material related content, you can under reference.
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