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Curtain rod is to choose Roman rod or curtain track?

Curtain rod is to choose Roman rod or curtain track?


A lot of people will be tangled in the installation of curtain rod, because always want to compare the curtain rod in the end to choose Roman rod or rail rod, in fact, as long as we understand their advantages and disadvantages, in the mind will have a clear answer. Next, we will find out with Pacific Curtain Rod whether to choose Roman Rod or curtain track.

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Curtain rod type 1: Roman rod

Roman rod is a common kind of curtain rod, is a kind of curtain hanging bar, the rod body is cylindrical, both sides of the rod gourd shaped, shaped like ancient Roman architecture named.

Most of the Roman pole belongs to the rising pole, usually with a ring or buckle. The advantage is that it can apply to the window that did not do condole top curtain box in advance, more beautiful and easy when exposed, had certain adornment effect, and the material of Rome pole is qualitative all sorts of diversity, of solid wood, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, can choose bigger.

Drawback is the middle can put a bracket only, considering bearing problem, pole length cannot exceed 3.5 meters, because too long word, thick curtain is hanged, make it bend easily deformation. Due to the material of the Roman pole, it is relatively expensive. Besides, the Roman pole is not very smooth to pull.

Curtain rod type two: track rod

Track rod is a kind of curtain rod that many people can use, it is the curtain that a kind of hook places in the track, will pull the curtain through the track motion of hook. Track bar belongs to the dark bar, the advantage is that it can carry out multi-track movement, so there is no limit to the length, and the market price is relatively cheap, more economical, long life. If the window has an irregular shape, the rail can be bent to different degrees according to it. Adaptable. Defect is curtain track outward show not good-looking, need condole so top sets aside curtain box, more troublesome.

Roman pole and slide which with curtain more match?

1. In the family decoration, which kind of pole should be selected after all, should be specific according to the conditions in the home specific problem specific analysis. Generally speaking the house price is big on the proposal to choose Rome pole, looking at the atmosphere, on grade. And the Roman pole is also more convenient to remove, cleaning will be very easy.

Roman pole; 2. There are grooves on the Roman rod for sliding track, pulley on the ring in the sliding track movement, the rod on the ring to drive the curtain to open and close. Open and close the curtain. The pole body is fixed horizontally above the window. It is named after the style of ancient Roman architecture. Roman poles are usually open, material has solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

3. There are a lot of Roman poles, which are generally installed on the wall to look better when exposed. If they are covered, the space they need will be larger.

4. The advantage of Roman pole is that it can be applied to the window that did not do condole top curtain box in advance, more beautiful and generous when exposed, had certain adornment effect. Drawback: Rome pole is very long commonly, bearing capacity is not filled, easy bend, want to consider the weight of the curtain all the more when using.

Although the Roman Rod is good, but the limit is relatively high, because it belongs to the rising pole, need to be installed in a lower position than the top, so the home reserved ceiling or made of gypsum line, it is not recommended to use the Roman Rod.

6. The price and adaptability are good, while the Roman pole is more expensive. Roman bar cleaning is very convenient, and the slide rail bar to a solution, relatively troublesome.

Three steps to install a curtain rod

1. Install curtain boxes

Press level line to determine elevation first, delimit good curtain box midline, when installation the curtain box midline is aimed at the window midline, the wall place of the box should stick strictly, fixed method presses individual design.

2. Install curtain rails

Curtain rail has the cent of single, double or 3 tracks. When the window is wide at 2.3m, the curtain rail should be broken, the broken place of bending stagger, bending should be gentle curve, lap length is not less than 200mm. Ming curtain box is installed first commonly track. Heavy curtain rail should be lengthened screws; Dark curtain box should be installed after track. Heavy curtain track small Angle should be encrypted spacing, the normal allocation method on the market is one meter with two installation code, if the curtain is heavier in the premise of not affecting the pull can see the situation more installation code, the purpose of ensuring the load bearing in the safety range. The specification of wood screw is not less than 30mm. The rail is installed and kept in a straight line.

3. Curtain rod installation

To correct the connection fastener, install the rod or wire and pull it on the fastener. Achieve flat, is consistent with the room elevation.

For the introduction of Curtain Rod, Pacific Curtain Rod small make up think good for Curtain Rod should choose what kind of the problem, can according to individual be fond of and practical needs, if you want to high-end grade, atmosphere than choice Roman bar, if you consider can choose from the aspects of price is quite reasonable track bar, but no matter what kind of choice, should be consistent with their own decorate a style, or it will appear special abrupt.