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Curtain rod material of parsing

by:Pacific     2020-06-07
rod to use what material is directly related to the quality and style of the curtain, adornment result will be different, at present, the curtain rod material mainly composed of metal and wood, so, what is a good material of curtain rod? Now, some characteristics of small make up to sort out the curtain rod material, they can tell you what is a good material of curtain rod. A, real wood material of real wood curtain rod, is made by the original wood, natural affinity, and rural decorate a style is the most suitable. If home decorate a style is not rural series, that also has nothing to do, choose a solid wood curtain rod, with a single color or simple line of curtain cloth, whether to hang in the room of which kinds of style, will not appear. Features: solid wood curtain rod won't appear deformation, cracking and other phenomena, suit to use southern family. Second, the aluminium alloy rod material aluminum alloy material is qualitative light, plasticity and corrosion resistance are good, aluminium alloy curtain rod rod economical and practical, fashionable and generous, is the choice of many people. And this kind of curtain rod has metallic simple sense is to ensure the coordination with a variety of curtain fabrics collocation. Features: one of the biggest outstanding advantage is that it is soft with just the features, can bend significantly. Three, wrought iron bar iron metal material has good ductility, ease of processing, therefore, wrought iron curtain rod rod has good artistic expression. Currently on the market of stainless steel or made of tungsten steel curtain rod, also belongs to the category. An obvious feature of this kind of curtain rod is flower heads modelling diversity. Wrought iron curtain rod with silk or gauze qualitative curtain rod, used in the bedroom, the effect will be very good. Features: wrought iron material curtain rod stable of primitive simplicity, firm soft pay equal attention to, modelling diversity and artistic quality. Four, special steel rod material of steel and wood curtain rod was not too long, but it with the outstanding characteristic of sturdy, soon got the favour of consumers. Steel wood curtain rod is tight a piece of wood (in the steel tube Of course, there are hollow) , the surface of the rod is a layer of vinyl, has a strong effect of imitation wood, looks like real wood. Features: steel wood curtain rod has a characteristic is larger bearing capacity, even hanging compares massiness curtain is not bending deformation. The above, this paper introduces several kinds of curtain rod material and its characteristic, in fact, each material has its own way, to answer what is a good material of curtain rod, according to your decorate a style and requirements to select.
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