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Curtain rod of choose and buy information guide

by:Pacific     2020-04-10
Deducing the ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings of domestic outfit style, the design of power more and more be in fine detail, as main sources of natural light window, at the time of carefully selected curtain cloth, always aware of the choice of the curtain rod is also very important. 窗帘杆的选购要点 装饰:风格和颜色要协调 根据家居装修和窗帘布的主色彩搭配不同颜色的窗帘杆,并要与整体家居风格相搭配,使居室整体色彩美感协调一致。 人们愿意从细节来观察他人,居室装饰也一样。 The choice of the curtain rod can be from one side reflect the host's taste room; In addition to convenient, the most fundamental needs such as beautiful, durable; Also can choose special according to the shape of the edge of the window of the bent pipe goes with functional circle of a stent and to meet the needs of different customers.  做工:窗帘杆壁厚可防变形 一般生产厂家为了偷工减料往往在用料上做手脚,壁厚越薄, 杆子的承重力越小,以后在使用过程中越容易出现意外。 Experts suggest that designers more when choosing ask the clerk, or they will be decorative head ( Commonly known as the first) Tear open come down to see the essence through the phenomenon, in general, the more thick, the better.  材质:不锈钢材质最耐用 要选择材质坚固,经久耐用的产品。 In general, plastic products are easy to aging; Wooden products easy to moths, craze, long suspension is relatively thick curtain cloth, easy to bend and pull the curtain when the feeling is very acerbity. Aluminum alloy products of a single color, aluminum does wrapping over time and is easy to glue, bearing performance is poorer nor friction resistance; If improperly later surface treatment of steel products is easy off paint; Only pure stainless steel product of these materials is truly the best, but the price does not poor. 装修:安装 支架的挑选最重要 很多家庭因为墙壁的原因,杆子安不上去,或者勉强安上但岌岌可危,这种例子不胜枚举。 Experts suggest that pay more attention to choose pole collocation of stents. In general support and larger contact area of the wall, hang up stability, to match the screw length appropriate really eat live power, second installation degree of experience and technology skilled workers is also key. Many times installation workers diagram fast and convenient, irresponsible carelessly on the wall, leaving a lot of hidden trouble. Experts suggest that the designer is best please specializing in the production of curtain rod factory workers to the door installation, such products and services to the most security.  细节:五金、工艺别忽略 在选购窗帘杆时,细节方面不可忽视。 Inevitably have a curtain rod screw, for instance, but should not be too prominent, thus affecting the curtain as a whole is beautiful; Carefully check processing technology, such as: whether through surface wiredrawing processing, the color of the coating is uniform, and so on.
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