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Curtain rod rail installation strategy options

by:Pacific     2020-04-20
With the hard put the finishing touches, please consider with the curtains, etc. In order to guarantee the curtain installation solid, easy to use, it must pay attention to the selection and installation of curtain rod. Let below small make up together to look at the curtain rod installation considerations of choose and buy. Part1: starting from the understanding of choose and buy classification knowledge people often pay attention to the choice of the curtain, curtain rod and ignore the choice of the curtain rod. The curtain on the market is varied, the curtain rod, too, if choose and buy the curtain rod quality and styles are not appropriate, so eventually be just fine curtain effect is also worrying. Let's learn about the knowledge of the basic classification of curtain rod. 1, classification a: stem vs. dark rail curtain rod as can be seen can be divided into two kinds of, rising stem and the non-rising stem, stem is head can see the color of the bar, decoration, decoration effect is prominent. So stem installation is more and more become the main choice of the curtain installation. While non-rising stem often put in curtain box of window, curtain box of window has two forms: one is the room has a ceiling, curtain box of window should be hidden inside condole top, when to do condole top finish with it; Is another room ceiling, curtain box of window fixed on the wall, and the window frame as a whole. 2, classification 2: monorail vs dual-track curtain rod according to the structure can be divided into single and double track or more rail, as the name implies, monorail can only hang a curtain, while dual-track can install two sides, one side to install screen window, a thick curtain installation, convenient to use. The owner can choose according to their own needs. 3, the curtain rod material curtain rod material is given priority to with aluminum, wrought iron, wood, different material products on the price difference is very big, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred, suggested that window bar to choose better, because want to use for a long time, some easily broken effect use inferior products, and even cause personal injury. Aluminum rod of choose and buy aluminum window rod is common on the market window rod material, choose and buy when focus on window stem thickness, good walls are relatively thick to 1. 5MM - 2MM; Second look at the TAB design, poor rod using recycled plastic TAB, the window of the manufacturing process is rough. , wrought iron bar window of choose and buy, wrought iron bar window surface treatment has spray, electroplating. Choose and buy when the main check the quality of the coating and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate on the mounting bracket, and the thickness of the tube wall, etc.
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