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Curtain rod should be how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-04-13
People can think of to buy curtains go home now, or are in the classroom, because the curtain can not only cover the strong light, can also be very good to protect personal privacy, decorate the curtain of traditional methods are generally use curtain rod and bar, as we all know, decorate with Roman stick, it will show the long rod, this is very ugly, affect the mood of the family, if use the track bar is installed, it is only suitable for in the corner, the rest of the effect is very poor, so the two methods of decoration has been out of date, people no longer focus, now have a better choice, the effect will be better. Are the fashion now this curtain, a wise man to understand while see, regret know late. , roma rod rod for design style like Roman architecture and culture, the general is the shaft diameter is about four centimeters of cylindrical bar, bar the adornment of the shape of a gourd shape on both ends. Its material mainly include wood and metal, metal rod Rome are often hollow, light easy to carry. Because Roman rod is longer, businesses will often be truncated, design special connection joint mediation, make it easier to transport! Disadvantages: 1, the bearing have limitations. Roman bar is a bar, installing a curtain, want to hang the curtain of all the weight in Rome pole, the province is a kind of load, if the curtain is a type of the heavy wool is qualitative, shaft may be bent! 2, limited length. 5 meters. 3, pull the sluggish acerbity. Rome pole mainly by ring joint curtains, hang ring and have bigger friction between rod body, the curtain pulling up easily sluggish acerbity caton. 4, the price is higher, the Roman rod by m dispute, generally determined according to the rod body mass per meter price, real wood material will be a little bit more expensive, in about 20 yuan/m - — 100 yuan/m. Second, the track bar track bar, mainly divided into light rail and dark. Dark rail is a kind of non-rising stem, usually hidden in the inside, is the main form of slide rod, the main material is wood, aluminum, steel, iron, plastic, etc. Ming rail is the rail and adornment rail collectively, main material of aluminum alloy, solid wood, three kinds of steel pipe. Disadvantages: 1, remove the inconvenience, cleaning trouble. Want to thoroughly clean the slide rod, need a a cleaning roller, clean the curtain also is such, need to be from the curtain on the slippery course will be a a loose, can clean! 2, affect beautiful. Track bar directly big bold curtain slippery course is exposed outside, not only easy to accumulate dust, also the beautiful degree of interior decoration!
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