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Curtain rod to choose a skill

by:Pacific     2020-06-06
rod generally divided into rising stem and the non-rising stem, stem is can see the rod color and decoration head ( Commonly known as the first) Modelling of the curtain rod. Non-rising stem, in contrast to the stem, often in the curtain box of window, easily see the pole itself. rod in the manner of the curtain rod hanging consists of sliding bar two wheel rail and Rome. According to material, roller guide rail can be divided into aluminum alloy, plastic guide rail, etc. ; Rome can be divided into dry, wrought iron, wood, aluminum, copper, plastic rod of Rome. Rome pole is just a kind of hanging curtain, have adornment leader because it at both ends, like the Roman column, the so called Rome pole. curtain rod is directly exposed to both ends fixed on the wall, shaft itself is ornamental, belong to the stem, is also more common in the market of curtain rod. rail is a belt groove plastic ( Metal) General, curtain box of window cover needs to be done, is generally not directly outside, curtain track now use less, with only some opposite the window or balcony window. Note 1 the choose and buy, wall thickness of curtain rod. General manufacturers to cut corners tend to juggle with your materials, the thinner wall thickness, the rod bearing force is smaller, later in the process of using the more prone to accidents. Will decorate head ( Commonly known as the first) Tear open come down to see the essence through the phenomenon, in general, the more thick, the better. 2, curtain rod rod material. Choose solid, durable products. In general, the product easy to aging and color plastic, fracture, etc. , but the style color optional; Wooden products easy to moths, craze, long suspension is relatively thick curtain cloth, easy to bend and pull the curtain when the feeling is very acerbity, but adornment effect is more high-grade; Aluminum alloy products of a single color, aluminum does wrapping over time and is easy to glue, poor bearing performance of friction resistance, belongs to the economic and practical type; Iron easy to paint, paint products only iron electroplating products, surface treatment, and the bearing, good abrasion resistance. 3, choose the single most important curtain rod bracket. Pay more attention to choose you as pole collocation of stents, stent and larger contact area of the wall, generally hang up is stable, the gong with appropriate really eat the length of wire to power, the second installation degree of experience and technology skilled workers is also key. Many times installation workers diagram fast and convenient, irresponsible carelessly on the wall, leaving a lot of hidden dangers. 4, according to the shape of the window to choose the appropriate curtain rod rod. The window roughly divided into the shape of a glyph, L type, U type 3 kinds. A glyph window, if the whole wall mount curtain, can choose the Roman rod or roller guide rail; If only part of the window to hang the curtains, then choose the curtain rod more fashionable. L window: can choose a long curtain rod and a short Rome pole ( Don't link to each other) One guide, or choose to bend. U window, can generally choose bending roller guide rail is more beautiful, especially the bay window, if the top of the window close to the ceiling, selection guide is the best.
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