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Curtain rods and curtain styles can not be ignored

by:Pacific     2020-02-25
Under the background of light decoration and heavy decoration, curtain rods and curtains as soft decorations have strong expressive force in the living room. There are also great differences in the choice of curtain rods, curtain styles and fabrics in different spaces of a house. For example, the privacy of bedrooms and bathrooms is the most important, so the thickness of the color should be considered when choosing curtains. In the living room, study, kitchen and other areas, you don't have to cover anything, you can choose light curtains. First, the choice of curtain rods and curtain styles ordinary windows generally use the split curtain style, with curtain rods or slide rails. And narrow window (The width is less than 1. 5 m)Then use a single open. For rooms with fast light changes, Roman blinds should be used. The hem position of the curtains can be adjusted at will through manual control or electronic control device to control the amount of light entering the room. If the furniture is placed in front of the window, the Roman curtain can also be installed, which is more convenient to open and does not take up space. The Roman curtain is also suitable for hexagonal or circular rooms. In such a house, the windows will be divided into several parts. The Roman curtain can ensure a good connection between each curtain. The design of the bay window is also best to use the Roman curtain, which is installed in the window frame to save cloth and space. The Roman curtain can be made into a flat, fan-shaped or wavy curtain, which can be selected according to style and fabric. Regarding the length of curtain rods and curtains, floor-to-ceiling windows are generally equipped with floor curtains; Half of the window, under which heating equipment is installed or furniture items are placed, it is better to control the hem 30 cm below the windowsill. Whether the curtain is needed, the most important thing is to see if the curtain box is installed. For the sake of beauty, the curtain box will be decorated with a curtain. However, for ordinary houses, curtain boxes are no longer popular. Unless there are windows with a height of more than or large floor-to-ceiling windows such as Villas, curtain boxes will be installed and some curtain decorations will be made. Second, the choice of curtain fabric to remove the color pattern, the thickness of the curtain fabric, the fiber composition and whether it has been specially treated have a great impact on future use. When choosing fabrics, the orientation of the window often affects a lot. South-facing windows, good light, tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric is more suitable. The room facing north is often cold and gray. You should choose warm and heavy curtains to increase the temperature. For the problem of heating, the heating will generally be installed under the window. The fabric with good heat resistance should be selected, and the heat of the heating will not be blocked from being emitted into the house. The room facing east or west will be stimulated by strong sunlight for several hours every day. Use specially treated fabric or neutral fabric, otherwise it will fade or change color, it is best to have a certain heat insulation performance. Generally, the fabric used for curtains has been specially treated, so it will not shrink, so it is not necessary to reserve it when calculating the dosage. If the fabric is untreated. Then reserve 5 cm. For natural materials such as cotton and linen, reserve 10 cm. Of course, you can also leave a side on the hem, and in case the fabric shrinks, release some. This requires you to change the length every time. The above is the selection method of curtain rods and curtains. In the home dress, curtain rods and curtains play an important role. Learn how to choose, and now start adding a color to your new home.
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