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Curtain Roman rod installation steps and precautions

by:Pacific     2020-03-10
In modern families, curtains have also become a scenery line in the home space, while Roman rods are an indispensable part of this beautiful bridge, which will make the decorative function of curtains play to the extreme. Then the installation method and precautions for Roman rods will also become a key part of home decoration. The installation steps of the curtain . At present, the materials on the market are mainly metal and wood. The materials are different, and the styles are different. Of course, the scope and matching are different. Today Xiaobian is here to teach you how to install the ! I. Roman rod installation tool/raw material hammer drill and matching Φ 6mm drill bit, steel tape measure, pencil, cross screwdriver, 6mm plastic expansion pipe and 4mm self-tapping; Check the matching of the and its decorative head, support and lifting ring, measure the length of the and the width of the window. Second, the Roman rod installation method, 1 line: to install the support under the curtain as a standard line, draw the support positioning line and hole position line. For the three supports, the Middle support is located in the center of the window or wall, and the two ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends leave the wall about 15--20cm or leave Rome pole end 5-10 cm. 2 punching: when installing the , the punching depth should be 3. Between 5cm and 5 cm, of course, it is not possible to run eyes and skew; When punching, be careful to keep away from wires and water pipes. After punching, press the plastic expansion pipe into the hole. 3 mounting Rod: The support is fastened with self-tapping; The lifting ring is set into the rod, the lifting ring is divided into two parts, and one lifting ring is left at each end; Press the Roman rod into the open support and adjust it so that the distance between the two ends of the decorative head and the wall is the same. 4 hanging curtains: after the curtains are hooked, hang one end of the hook into the hole of the ring, but after hanging the curtains, the left and right curtains should be opened and closed to check whether the sliding is flexible, whether the height of the two curtains is the same. Precautions for the installation of curtain Roman rods, ① level: the price of houses has increased, but the quality is declining, especially for affordable houses and still houses, some roofs are inclined to about 10 cm, the difference between the uneven ground of the paved floor tiles is 5 cm, and the wall presents a ladder shape. Therefore, it is best to use a level and a horizontal tube when installing a curtain rod. (2) roof height: in order to show the beauty of exposed Roman rods, attention should be paid to the height of the top of the room and the window to avoid depression and suffocation. When installed on the wall, that is, the Wall is installed, and the horse pole should leave the roof and ceiling at about 6 cm. However, when installed on the roof and ceiling, it is referred to as roof installation for short. The should leave the wall at about 6cm to prevent the curtain from rubbing the wall surface and destaining the curtain cloth when the curtain is opened and closed. (3) Leave Room: during the installation process, the left and right of the window frame shall not be less than 6cm of Fudan University, in order to make the stand out and make the curtain cloth completely cover the window. When the curtain fabric covers the entire wall, the length of the (Does not include the decorative heads at both ends), About 18-shorter than the indoor width-- , After installation, the decorative head of the has a gap of about 2--6 cm, the so-called 'place to stay'
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