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Curtain Track is a beautiful bridge

by:Pacific     2020-02-18
Changing the home environment with curtain cloth is a simple and easy method commonly used by people. A suitable piece of cloth may change the style of your home. In order to do this, the role of window rails as bearing beautiful bridges cannot be ignored. Today, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge. Window rails are the key to the overall appearance and durability of curtains. The firmness, smoothness and noise of the window rails are the main criteria for judging the quality of the window rails. The quality of the window rails determines the smooth opening and closing of the curtains. The artistry of window rails: the prevalence of window rails is because it saves the trouble of installing curtain boxes and removes the stiff boxes. The exposed window track is no longer a single track. Once the decorative function appears, the art is naturally placed in an important position. The variety of window rails on the market is quickly renovated, even like the matching bags and leather shoes that sell clothing. In the 'fabric world' and 'curtain Daquan', in addition to the samples of fabrics, it is also carefully matched with different styles of window rails. Maybe just look at a piece of cloth, the characteristics are not prominent, but with a proper window rail, it will make you feel. Installation essentials of window rails: since it is necessary to express the beauty of the exposed window rails, it is best to have a certain height at the top of the room and the window to avoid the feeling of compressed vision. There is room for the window frame: the left and right of the window frame should not be less than 6 cm, so that the window rails have a place to go, and the curtain fabric can completely cover the window. Because most of the current living rooms are not high enough, in order not to make the curtains appear too depressed and heavy, it is best to use those fabrics with good dip, such as silk, yarn, etc. , which have a high effect, to make up for the lack of housing height. The window rails are made of metal and wood. Different materials and different styles. The art curtain rod of the wrought iron head, with silk or yarn-based decorative cloth, is used in the bedroom, with a strong contrast of rigid and soft contrast; The wooden carved head gives a warm and full feeling, and the range and matching style are not limited. It is suitable for living rooms with various functions. The selection technique of curtain fabric, curtain fabric texture includes natural fiber, rayon and synthetic fiber. Natural fibers refer to fabrics made of cotton, wool, hemp and silk. Man-made fibers are the reconstruction and chemical treatment of natural fibers, such as nylon, and synthetic fibers are chemically treated fibers. The source of goods can be divided into imported goods and domestic goods. Imported fabrics are mainly in Europe, the United States and other neighboring countries, such as Spain, France, Germany and the United States. The curtain fabric imported from the ordinary channel has a flat cloth surface, strong drape and comfortable hand feeling, no shrinkage, no deformation, easy cleaning and stable color. The origin of domestic fabrics is mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai, most of which are mixed with natural materials and artificial materials. The style is relatively fashionable and the price is moderate. The texture is the guarantee of quality, and the curtain guide rail should also be of good quality. No matter what kind of texture is chosen, the fabrics with low shrinkage, strong color fastness and compactness are all high-quality fabrics. Curtain fabrics of different textures will produce different decorative effects. When choosing the texture of curtains, the function of the room should be considered first. The bathroom and kitchen should choose more practical and easy to clean fabrics, the living room and dining room can completely avoid the fabric of external light. The fabric with thicker thickness, good and bright fabric and light color should be selected to help relax and think. On the contrary, the light intensity of the room also has certain requirements for curtains. With plenty of light, you can choose cotton or silk. The room is not very strict with light requirements, and is generally the best choice for ordinary printed cotton or linen fabrics. Seasonal factors should also be considered when selecting curtain fabrics. Summer curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk, breathable and cool. In winter, thick fabrics should be used to keep warm; Thin flower curtains are best for spring use. If you can't decide, there is a simple and effective way to use double curtains to alternate between different seasons and light.
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