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Custom hotel curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-07
Hotel curtain, prerequisite for a custom guidelines of curtain rod fabrics choose hotel there are many of the curtain fabrics, cotton, polyester, etc are the main types. Cotton and silk curtains good quality fabrics, but talk about ratio of curtain rod fabrics, that is the high precision curtain cloth is given priority to; Density is high, feel is smooth, fabric color is rich, especially the star hotel. Essential condition 2: hotel curtain colour collocation practical curtains don't need too much color to performance, instead of neutral colors are more likely to get everyone's approval; Neutral colors on the hotel get more recognition, soft neutral colors to the guest in the star hotel to find some warm harmonious emotional appeal. Three essential conditions: the functionality of the curtain talking about hotel the functionality of the curtain, the curtain should how many function gathered in one piece can be perfect? With the emergence of the era of science and technology by leaps and bounds and curtain ordinary curtain effect much better than the average. Sunshine fabric cloth art ( PVC + glass fiber) Has good heat insulation pervious to light effect. Adiabatic curtain rod USES a special insulating materials of digital segmentation technology, adopts tatting and knitting weaving technology, finished curtain processing technology, will be hot in summer, winter heat preservation technology data to the limit.
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