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Different towards children room curtain which good?

by:Pacific     2020-07-06
Different children room curtain rod to choose 1, facing south direction south window is the window of the sun, warm but contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet light, the sun will influence people break through the curtains in the morning. So, the south window curtain consider choose sunscreen, uv protection, can send out the light. Double south window curtain is hung on the choice. On the above shade during the day, not only can be pervious to light, the strong sunlight into downy light, also you can see the scenery outside. Pull up the curtain at night, can give a baby sleep environment. 2, the east room is always in the direction of the east in the morning the sun room, can choose, silky and vertical blinds, Venetian blinds they can through the dazzling light, quietly elegant is tonal harmonic and cloth on the back of the blade can reduce the intensity of light. This gentle light, can let the baby woke up, have a good mood. 3, the north towards the north to the relatively mild light evenly. North Windows usually suits to choose some egg yellow or translucent plain coloured curtain, don't use brunet curtain. In addition, the curtain design shoulds not be too trivial, decorative pattern is unfavorable choose diagonal lines, or you will make the person produces tilt. 4, the setting sun in the direction of the west is the strongest light in a day. Children room with the window facing the west wood blinds, pleated curtain rod, curtain and through special processing cloth curtain rod is right choice, they can through the plane itself, refraction of sunlight in the above, and decreases the intensity of illumination, some protection to the furniture. Because of the strong sunlight can be damaged on the surface of the furniture colour and luster, fabric is also easy to fade.
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