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Do you really understand the installation of curtain tracks?

by:Pacific     2020-02-14
The installation of curtain tracks indicates that the entire renovation process has entered the final stage. Next, do cleaning and move furniture. You can wait to stay in the new house and think about it! However, the installation of the curtain track is also considered a project, it is necessary to pay attention to it, otherwise the trouble after the check-in may be very bad. What is the classification of curtain tracks? Curtain tracks are divided into two series: Open Track and dark track. At the same time, it is also very useful for decoration. It is suitable for windows without ceiling curtains. The open track does not see dark passages on bright surfaces. It pays more attention to the quality of use and pulls smoothly. Because it is not good, it needs to be a ceiling curtain box. Dark track opening: wooden rod, aluminum alloy rod, steel rod, wrought iron rod, plastic steel rod and other dark rails: Nano track, aluminum alloy track, silent track and other two tracks have rich texture, there are steel, iron, copper, wood, aluminum alloy and other materials. Is the track good or the dark track good? The bright rails look good, but the traction is not very smooth, the black rails pull smoothly, but the installation of the ceiling box is very troublesome. How to choose depends on the actual situation of your home decoration, but now there are more rails, let's take a look. Open tracks are the general term for Roman tracks and decorative tracks. It consists of three categories: aluminum alloy, solid wood and steel pipe. 1. Solid wood decorative rail: it is common and has various colors. It can be divided into transparent color and covering color according to the type. It mainly depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, whether the coating is uniform, and the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, solid wood decorative tracks have silencers and no two types of silencers are basically the same, because the number of times curtains are opened and closed is not many times a day. 2. Aluminum Alloy decorative track: There are many in the market. The difference in quality depends on his wall thickness. Good walls are relatively thick, at 1. 5 MM-2 MM. Secondly, the design of the pull ring is designed. Many aluminum alloy decorative tracks are pulled at the upper part of the track while the lower part has grooves, which is actually a fake decorative track design. The real decorative Rod pull ring slides directly on the rod, and the bad decorative Rod uses recycled plastic pull ring, and the manufacturing process is rough. 3. Steel pipe decorative Rod: Commonly known as wrought iron rod, surface treatment is spraying, electroplating, diameter of 16 MM, 19 MM, 20 MM, 25 MM, etc. The quality depends on the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting foot, and the thickness of the pipe wall. Note: the quality of the window rails determines the smooth opening and closing of the curtains, so if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that the quality of the curtains should be good. How to install curtain track? Regarding the installation of curtain tracks, in fact, Xiao You suggested that workers should install them directly. The cost of Windows is about 30-50 yuan, the installation is particularly detailed. If you install it yourself, it will be very troublesome. If you want to hit the drill bit, you must make a hole in the new wall. . . . . . The wall is completely unrecognizable. The first link: drawing line positioning this is the most important part. The line drawing is related to the success or failure of curtain installation. First, measure the spacing between fixed holes and the size of the mounting guide rail. Generally, the distance between the fixed members is not more than 50 cm, and then the positioning line. The second link: curtain track installation when the window is wider than 1200, the curtain guide should be disconnected, the bending at the fracture should be staggered, the bending should be smooth, and the overlapping length should not be less than 200. Among them, the heavy curtain guide rail should be equipped with machine screws, and the spacing should be encrypted. The size of wooden screws shall not be less. Ming curtain boxes generally have the first track; The dark curtain box should follow a track. The third link: Wearing a pulley on the track wearing a pulley. When you wear a pulley, you must pay attention to the length of the track. Usually, the pulley is installed on a track 1 meter long, which ensures the uniformity of force and force after the curtain is installed. The fourth link: when lifting the clip, the clip should be rotated 90 degrees to connect the guide rail, and the lifting clip should be installed on the top plate with self-tapping screws. If it is a concrete structure, expansion wire needs to be added. The fifth link: The final step of position adjustment is to adjust the position hanging on the table top, floor curtains or curtains. When installing the guide rail, the width of the window sill should be allowed to avoid obstruction when the curtain droops. Note: When installing curtain tracks, many families can't wait to install curtains.
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