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Dust the curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-18
Dustproof features 1, prevent mist haze of the curtain: the density of hole, can effectively stop the fine particulate matter, such as: automobile exhaust, soot and other pollutants into the interior. 2, assure indoor pollutant discharge: follow the principle of aerodynamics, along with the gas flow is beneficial to the pollutants, spread to the outside. 3, the windshield rain: under the dynamic condition, the rain will not through the pores; Under natural conditions, the wind could not enter indoor, have the effect of the wind and. 4, protect confidential: the fresh air in the sleep state, the harmful gas invading the body. Screen window to keep the air fresh, and privacy protection. Dust material 1, profiles of the curtain rod is divided into two model steel and aluminum alloy. So-called plastic, PVC profiles, the sun to be basked in a changeful form, short service life. Aluminum alloy type in 0. More than 7 mm, with no soft advisable. 2, gauze glass fiber material, has the flame retardant, anti-aging, weathering resistance is strong, and the physical is not big, once the deformation recovery, and empty is larger, anti-mosquito effect is not good, easy to cause accident harm; Easy to aging, is generally not recommended. 3, fittings choose invisible screen window, check the positive force device. Positive adjustable device screen window, appear weak can adjust themselves, otherwise can contact the manufacturer change, affect the service life. In addition, when the choice, need to look at the hook would work, such as strong. Dust curtain of choose and buy 1, net yarn net yarn are classified in imported and domestic, in general, before a is made of the chemical fiber, and then a is made of glass fiber, and part is plastic material, when selected, try choosing import net yarn, because it can after tens of thousands of push-pull friction without deformation, also, to see if the yarn hole even, or hand over net yarn, to see if it feels slightly. 2, the structure of the screen window screen window actually structure directly determines the product price, small make up recommend friends aluminum texture of the plate is used, because just model under the sun exposure is easy to deformation, short service life, in addition, when selected, also can use hand press or shaking screen window, feel the hardness profile, with soft not advisable. 3, the screen whether this portion of the bearing quality is directly related to the efficiency of the operation, in general, chooses import bearing is a fully enclosed silent, mainly to domestic open bearings can easily into the dust, and can also observe whether it is equipped with guide rail positioning screw, if not, the strong wind blows, the yarn will give pared off to open, the mosquito will get in through the crack.
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