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Electric curtain track have?

by:Pacific     2020-06-15
Now people for the improvement of the quality of life, is also more and more high to the requirement of domestic outfit aspects, but for electric curtain track installation is divided into two kinds, light rail and dark rail exactly should you know how to choose? Small make up today for everyone to introduce the difference between the two. Electric curtain rod rail is fixed and connected to the curtain rod rail, generally can be divided into light rail and dark rail, when installation, can choose to install on the wall or ceiling. Because most of the household electric curtains need to open and close every day, so choose a rugged electric curtain track is a must, you know, the smoothness of track is very important, this will affect the future use of convenience. : a, dark rail profiles: for aluminum alloy, the so-called nano orbit, is plastic, just changed a name, use for a long time will be aging, fracture, belong to product of short-term use. There are kinds of aluminum alloy produced by electric curtain track, oxidation surface treatment, spraying, electrophoresis, primary aluminum alloy as raw materials, many cheap aluminum rail is made of reworked material, surface treatment is best with electrophoresis, smooth surface, do not fade. Pulley: plastic and nylon two kinds big, mostly USES the reworked material plastic, bleak and coarse surface, in not how long can fracture and aging and it's usually use ordinary wire bending, after a long time will rust, pollution curtain, good native nylon roller adopts wear-resisting, smooth and no burr, hand pull smooth. TAB adopts 304 stainless steel, when you choose to use magnets to distinguish. Install code: general use 0. 5 mm thickness of common coating, plate using recycled plastic, easy to rust and damage, good installation code is electric curtain track solid guarantee, should be 1. 0 mm steel plate, the use of nylon pressure plate, the surface strictly by pickling, cleaning, scales, the cleaning process, the coating is firm, convenient installation. Cheap rail cover: general electric curtain track made of recycled plastic surface dim no toughness, excellent block is made of high quality ABS manufacturing, smooth surface, trademarks and clear text. Packing: packed in general track simple and without packing, good track will use the printing is good PE bags. The choose and buy is not covet cheap orbit, from the above several aspects to compare it, orbit is the foundation of the curtain, smooth and firm, good tracks can save you a lot of trouble. Characteristics: dark orbit characteristics can be arbitrary Angle bending, suitable for different shape of the window. But is the same, and rail when the choice must choose a solid material, otherwise easy to deformation. Second, Ming rail: now, Ming rail more so-called Ming rail is Roman rail and rail collectively, Ming rail according to the material of aluminum alloy, solid wood, of the three categories of steel pipe. : 1, the solid wood decorative rail is common, color variety, the variety can be divided into two, transparent color and cover color basically depends on the processing of surface, whether smooth, the paint is uniform, the shape of the decorative head the symmetry, such as solid wood decorative rail with sound and without the silencing of two kinds, basic no difference, because the number of opening and closing of curtain also have no a few times a day. 2, aluminum alloy decoration orbit: the market is more, the difference between quality as long as can see his wall thickness, good walls are relatively thick to 1. 5MM - 2MM。 Second look at the design of the TAB, many of the aluminum alloy decoration rail TAB in a drawing groove of the upper and lower orbit, is actually the adornment of the pseudo rail design, real decoration bar TAB is directly sliding on the rod, the adornment of the poor bar using recycled plastic TAB, manufacturing process is rough. 3, steel decorative rod: commonly known as wrought iron rod, surface treatment has spray, electroplating, diameter of 16 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, etc. , to see the quality of the coating and plating quality, to install the foot plate thickness, and the thickness of tube wall. 4, features: Ming rail is commonly wooden curtain track, wooden curtain rail for bearing performance is good, in order to avoid the middle sag after long time, cause the opening and closing the curtain is not smooth. Dark rail is commonly profiles, stainless steel, plastic is a common material. Choose different electric curtain rod track, its result is also different, when trying to choose the curtain that can choose according to oneself to choose the right track. If you want to know more decoration consultation, please continue to pay attention to xu tracery.
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