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Electric curtain track installation steps

by:Pacific     2020-06-14
Step one: location, size 1. First measured well fixed pitch, and required to install the size of the orbit; 2. Track a total length of the sum of length of motor, rail, vice transmission box. Step 2: install the lifting clamp clip will rotate it 90 & deg; Finished, linking to the orbit with a self tapping screw lifting clamp installed on the roof. Will electric & 90 deg; Put into the transmission case; ( Note: the main transmission box sector rotation shaft and motor interface to match) The motor clockwise 90 & deg; ; After spinning in place, push the insert into the transmission case to the limit position, will automatically lock, motor is connected to the transmission case; The edge connections. Note: when not connected not electricity, so as not to damage the motor. Step four: motor program to adjust its tail set has a set of gears and micro switch device, realize the forward and reverse motor wiring requirements, so as to realize the curtain rod opened, closed trip self-image. Electric curtain rod track installation program comparison is complex, so, if you can please a worker to install'd better not do it yourself, so as not to damage the curtain motor parts, cause needless loss.
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